Song of the Day: In Her Remorse – She Remembers You

I do apologise for not updating my blog in about a week and a half, as there was a few personal issues I had to deal with. But I’m back now and with me I have decided to do something really different with the song of the day.

Today’s song of the day is not done by a familiar artist but by a very good friend of mine. He is a very talented young musician who sings, write’s his own music and writes his own songs! The music he creates he creates from his heart and I must say it is truly beautiful.

Before adding this track, I asked his permission and he said yeah. So I wanted to share this with my fellow bloggers 🙂

I hope you do enjoy it!

In Her Remorse – She Remembers You

Just click the link above and you will also get lyrics too.

Time to say Goodbye

The last couple of days have not been good. In fact they go from bad to worse. Well if you live in the united Kingdom you might have heard about the missing teen, Tia Sharpe. It is tragic as they found the body in the grandmother’s house, today. I really feel sorry for the family as they organised search parties around the area hoping to find her alive. I used to pray that they would find her and she would be back to her family, but it turned out different. My heart goes out to the family. R.I.P Tia Sharpe.

Also yesterday morning received a phone call from India, and the news was not good. And today this morning, found out my grandad passed away. When my mother told me this morning, I hugged her, as she lost her father. I wanted to cry. But then I realised that my mother is strong she did not cry, but I could see the sadness in her eyes. I wanted to cry, but then held it in, I guess that is one of my strong points is that I can hide my tears when I want to. But today I guess I wanted to stay strong for my mother, I didn’t want to make her cry.

The whole morning I spent moping around, but then I noticed that everyone is still moving on with their lives. So I decided to write my story, “Broken Ties” and I managed to do 4 chapters, and I was listening to Epica, Bullet for my Valentine and Delain, and some My Chemical Romance. My brother reckons that I am one of those that needs time on my own but needs to keep herself occupied, I guess he was right. But no matter what, I was still feeling sadness within myself.

A part of me just wanted to run to the one person that made me feel safe, I just wanted to message him so badly, but stopped myself. That one person knew how to put a smile on my face, just by cracking one of his jokes. But I did not want to bring him down, so I stopped myself.

Yesterday I was watching spy kid 4, and it was all about time, losing it and not being able to get it back; and how the timekeeper wanted to go back in time to be with his father, because he had lost that time by getting in the way of a time travel device and got frozen in time. After watching that, I knew something was going to happen.

And what happened this morning? I got the news, that he passed away. A part of me just wished that when I went to India in Feburary I had spent more time with him. I don’t know why, but everytime I am around elders, I stay quiet and my mouth is shut tight like a clam. I just cannot speak in front of elders much.

As you can see a very bad few days.

To top it off, I have work tomorrow morning and I really do not feel like going in, as that place drives me up the wall, it is like going to hell every Saturday morning. Oh well let’s see how behaved I can be tomorrw…

dreampunk geek

anita-marvel-wallpaper-800x600Laurell K. Hamilton is one of my favorite authors of all time.  She recently blogged about a topic near and dear to my heart – Don’t Let Perfectionism Stop You.

I’m an OCD perfectionist freak.  I know it.  I can’t change it.  But this post gave me a push I think I was needing.  Stop planning, revising, rewriting, and trying to be perfect, and just write.  Fix it later in the editing stage.  That’s what it’s there for.

So, the next time you look at those great notes for your story, or novel, and think, “I can’t get it perfect. It won’t match the vision in my head.” And you get frustrated and stuck before you begin, or soon after you begin, just take a deep breath and keep going. Plow through like a bull in a china shop, break everything in sight heading for your goal of being…

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Song of the Day: Stay Forever – Delain

So I was listening to music on my mobile phone on shuffle and this track came up. This track I have a kind of personal connection too. I mean every time I hear it, it reminds me that, that phase is now over and look onto better things.

So today’s song of the day is:

Stay Forever by Delain

When I first heard this song, I was going through a tough phase in trying to forget someone. It had basically summed up the entire situation and the doomed relationship I was trying to save. Which turned out in the end was not worth saving because it was doomed from the start.

Other than that it is just an amazing song and tune! And the guitar from 2:20 onwards in the track is awesome!!

The Moonlight Thirst – Short Story

Yay I’m back. Sorry for not posting for a while or not liking or commenting on posts as I usually do, as I wasn’t feeling all that great and had a few issues to sort out. As for now though, I’ll try to catch up!

So yeah a new story is ready. It is another vampire one though. I wrote this for fun actually, as one of my brother’s that live in India wanted a story with his name in it. So this one is just for fun. But yeah please do continue to give feedback as it motivates me to write more and better myself . A thank you in advance 🙂

The Moonlight Thirst

Written by: Manvinder Jagdev

I stalked the streets, roaming through the endless possibilities of every avenue, street and alleyways. The moon was full and fat, the darkness shrouded every inch of the town, it was a dark night indeed. No one satisfied the urge within me that began to claw its way through the pit of my stomach, the thirst so strong that I could feel it trying to gain control of my being.

I turned the corner to a well-known alleyway, just outside the back door to a popular nightclub, the whole vibe of the gathering reverberated through my ears. The music was booming and crisp, the sound of many breaths enclosed in a tight space and the pure enjoyment of clearly audible conversations, but most of all that caught my attention…was a distant scream…and it wasn’t coming from within the club, but just around the bend.

The scream teased the hunger making the dark monster inside me force itself free, making my fangs appear. My hand went to the red bricked wall and touched its rough surface to gain support. I tried to fight the craving, my body shaking like it was suffering from withdrawal symptoms; my hand curled into a fist and pounded it into the wall. After a minute, I straightened up quickly, proud that I had won, and then stumbled over to the left turn, but stopped suddenly as I saw the perfect prey for tonight. A damsel in distress.

“Stay back! Otherwise…” She threatened. She was determined and firm in her decision to fight, but under that tough exterior she was very afraid, in fact she was scared. I watched her from the shadows fascinated, I leaned against the wall with my arms folded. Waiting. Watching.

How do I get out of this rut?” She thought, “I mean it, stay back!” She warned.

“Now that’s not nice, you were the one that started it. Now it has to end with you.” The head man of the group stepped forward with his hands on his hips, with a hungry smile.

The damsel was without doubt pretty; long blonde wavy hair till the middle of her back, deep blue eyes like the ocean, small slightly hooked nose, deep pink lips. Guessing from the way she was dressed, it seemed she came out from the club.

The leader of the group traipsed towards the young woman; I saw her eyes narrow, she was intent on getting out of this situation she found herself in.

“I hate to say, I warned you!” she said as he continued to approach her. All of a sudden she kicked him in the groin and made a run for it, as the others went to aid their leader, she was running in my direction. I stood there unable to move taken aback by what I saw as I misinterpreted her. She was fearless. She was a fighter. I liked that.

The closer she came, the more I could hear the sound of her heart racing, the blood coursing through her veins tens times faster than normal. I licked my lips as the hunger began to rise; crawling its way upwards till the monster would awaken within.

“You idiots, go after her!” I heard the leader yell and soon after many running footsteps began ringing through the alleyway.

She came to a sudden stop, panting. She turned around to look behind her and saw the other three members chasing behind her. She started to run again, but ended up tripping over an uneven slab, and without realising it, she had already fallen into my muscular arms. We gazed at each other and I began to wonder who she would have been better off with? Them or me?

There was fear in her eyes.

“Help me, please!” she begged.

The perfect prey was in my grasp, trapped. I could just put her out of her misery, I could satisfy my monster and the thirst. But something was holding me back. I straightened her up and stood in front of her, now becoming her protector and barrier from harms way.

“Who the hell are you?”

“I’m your worst nightmare…” I replied. I licked the bottom of my upper teeth as my fangs appeared. My hands entwined and I began to click my fingers, and with each cracking sound, the members of the gang cringed and eventually they bumped into their leader.

I smiled, my fangs were begging for a bite to eat and it so happens that I have many choices to choose from. As I stepped closer the members sidestepped away as I made my way up to the leader.

“Why are you harassing the young girl?”

“None of your business, boy.” He sneered.

I glared at him, I hated being called “boy”. My appearance might be young, but I am much older than he could ever know. He gulped with dread as he watched me, and yet he managed to gather up his courage and threw a punch at me. I grabbed hold of his fist tightly, he winced in pain as I twisted it hard, and sent him flying back into a wooden shed.

All of a sudden I felt a tickling sensation on the back of my neck, then the scent of a strong fruity perfume wafted up my nose and realised, the girl had followed me.

“How in the hell did you do that?” She breathed.

“Er, by eating a whole load of greens and vegetables and the regular use of the gym.” I blabbed sheepishly.

She stood, arms akimbo; when I turned back to face her. My fangs retracted, so she couldn’t suspect anything.

“Don’t give me that line, that is something you tell little kids!” she said.

“It’s true, I go to the gym everyday and do weight training.” I lied.

I turned back around and was seriously annoyed. Infuriated, I grabbed hold of the guy standing on my right and kicked him into the far wall. Then I sensed one behind us, with a broken beer bottle approaching the girl, swiftly I appeared in front of him and twisted his arm and heard it break. He fell to the floor instantly crying in agony. I reappeared in front of the girl and glanced at the last man standing on my left. He was trembling in his boots, he began to step back with every step I took towards him. I ended up lifting him off the ground and he began to beg for his life, squirming like a little pig, I was getting hungrier and hungrier as I sensed his panic; I could drink him dry right here and right now and my ordeal would be over. But then I realised there was a problem. The attractive blonde. Instead I threw him to the pile of stacked up rubbish bags and he grimaced as he scrambled away running for dear life.

I dusted my hands off and turned back around to face her, and there she was with the cutest smile, her eyes wide open and we were standing close to each other.

“Wow that was so amazing!” She clapped her hands together and her smile getting even prettier by the minute.

By the end of this I simply walked away. I was hoping to follow the squirming pig and finally get my meal, having virtually spent the entire night playing video games with my human friends, I hadn’t fed. I then realised I wasn’t walking away alone, she started to follow me. Her heels against the concrete ground was resonant and it was ringing loudly. The monster inside was slowly stirring from its deep slumber once more.

“Hey, where do you think your going?”

“Home…” I said

“OK at least tell me your name?” She requested.

“My name is Sehaj.”

“Sehaj. My name is Crystal!”

“Nice to meet you Crystal, just wish we could have met under better circumstances.”

“What do you mean by better circumstances?” She asked.

“Well right now, I’m super hungry and I have a certain deadline to get home by.” I looked up towards the brightly lit moon knowing that soon it will start to fade as dawn approached. I rolled my eyes and picked up the pace again.

“Why don’t we get a bite to eat? And that will be my way of saying ‘Thanks for saving my life!’” She stopped me in my tracks, by getting in my way, and by giving her cute smile again like she knew I liked it. The last bit of her sentence repeated in my mind over and over again, “a bite to eat”. I couldn’t control the thirst any longer, I felt the pressure to give in.

“Yes, let’s. I could eat more than ten plates in a buffet deal.” My eyes zoned onto her neck, seeing her veins pulsing with the blood pumping through them.

“So what would you like to eat? Chinese, Indian or Italian?” Her voice seemed unreachable to me and sounded like she was speaking in slow motion.

The next thing I knew, I was getting my high. The red salty substance entering my mouth. I could hear her screaming, fighting against my grip. Her skin was soft and silky. I saw the colour draining from her face, her fight to stop me failing. Eventually the senseless beating to my back and screaming ceased. I felt the buzz of blood circling through my body, the crankiness I was feeling fading and the urge and the monster deep within getting satisfied.

But then it hit me, what did I just do? I saw Crystal in my arms, lifeless.

What did I just do?” I thought. I just killed the girl I just saved!

“Crystal, wake up!” I shouted as I gently tapped the side of her face. Her eyes looked at me, but they were cold.

There is only one thing I can do to make this right!” I thought. I lifted up the sleeve to my coat and bit into my own flesh and ripped at it to let the blood flow out. I gingerly put it towards her mouth and let my blood drip effortlessly into her.

“This better work!” I growled.

2 Hours Later

I paced the apartment, wondering when the hell she would wake up. This was the first time I had ever created another vampire. I went up to the bed and sat at her side, still no sign of life.

I got up and ambled over to the fridge and looked at my blood supply.

“Hmm what do I fancy drinking now?” I still couldn’t get the taste of Crystals blood out from my mouth as it tasted sweet.

I just happened to pick up a bottle of O negative when I sensed another presence in the room, I closed the fridge door and turned around and found her standing in front of me. Again we were standing close to one another. She stared at me, and then at the blood in my hand.


“Why do I feel so weird?” She said, “I can hear things from far away that aren’t even in this apartment, my vision is so clear that I can see details that normal vision can’t, and there is this constant pounding in my ears!” she covered her ears and she shut her eyes tightly.

“You are probably going to hate me, but after saving you, I kind of killed you…”


“But then I saved you again…”

“OK I’m seriously not in the mood for games, Sehaj! What are you talking about?” She raised her voice.

“To put the long story short…you’re a vampire now.” I saw her face transform from confused to complete horror.

“Vampire? Are you bloody mad?!”

“Nope, how do you think I got the strength to shove a guy into a wooden shed from such a distance? No normal man can do that.”

“Oh, just shut up! You are crazy! Mad!” She shouted.

The next thing I knew she growled in frustration and dashed over towards the small dining table and picked up a coffee mug and threw it straight at me. Me being me, I caught it within my grasp so tight that it crushed into a million pieces before me.

“Finished your tantrum? Now my turn!” Within one second I was in front of her, I picked her up by her neck, she wasn’t even gasping for breath like a normal person would, she glared at me and kicked me in the lower abdomen and sent me flying, big cracks appearing on the wall behind me, the next thing I knew she was in front of me, expressionless.

“Believe me now? A normal person can’t do what you just did. I saved you, I’ve given you a gift. Now you can fight your own battles. You had the strength in you the whole time, I’ve just given you the power.” I told her.

I gently tucked her strand of loose hair behind her ear and I lowered my head and whispered into her ear, “Welcome to my world…”

So there you have it. What did you guys think? The original draft for this story was really rushed and it took me a week to better it. To be precise I had made 3 drafts trying to make it better. But now I’m satisfied with the result!