Song of the Day: Wonderful Life – Hurts

Today’s Song of the Day is ‘Wonderful Life’ by an artist called ‘Hurts’.

For me, this is one of my feel good songs. It fills me up with a strange sense of positivity when I am feeling down or negative because of tough situations that can occur in life.

The song itself might not be all positive but the music just makes you want to get up and let yourself go and just feel the beat.

Whenever I hear this track the words that really stick with me are:

“Don’t let go, never give up, it’s such a wonderful life”

These words always bring me back everytime I feel my will fades. Everytime I feel like giving up this basically reminds me to keep on fighting and never give up.

I hope you guy’s also enjoy this song!


11 responses to “Song of the Day: Wonderful Life – Hurts

      • heehee. Thanks. 🙂 Oh, and I haven’t forgotten you, if you still want to work on our books together. Dang life keeps interfering with my free time which is why I haven’t opened a new blog for us yet.

      • Yeah I am still up for it, if you are. If you want I can create the blog for us, but just need to know what we will be calling the blog hehe. Then I can create it for us! 🙂

        I know life is hectic these days, so I totally understand.

      • I’m happy with anything. Fluffy Bunnies would be an ok title. 😉
        Probably should make it something to do with writing. Here are a couple ideas –
        Word Warriors
        Novel Ideas (haha. Pun intended)
        Dreams and Writing
        Whispered Words

        Truthfully anything is ok with me. The Fluffy Bunnies thing was a joke, but a silly name like that wouldn’t bother me either.

      • lmao Fluffy Bunnies hmm let’s go with that lol. I’m joking lol.
        How about Whispered Words of a Writer? And then we can change it later if we don’t like it 🙂

        But I’ll start working on the new blog now 🙂 and I’ll email you the details, is it still

    • I am listening to it as i type hehe. It is pretty good! I also heard another song whilst searching for this one, by an artist called Alter Bridge called wonderful life, I’ve fallen in love with it. So many songs named wonderful life lol.

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