Sweet Chocolaty Heaven

Two days ago, I did something that I normally wouldn’t do. More like afraid to do and that by myself. I am the type of girl that supports in the kitchen and never takes the lead role as cook.

But on Wednesday morning I took my first step into actually cooking something fresh and not microwaveable/pre-packed food. I baked COOKIES!  I actually gathered the ingredients and baked fresh chocolate orange cookies! 🙂

Before I just used to buy packs from the supermarkets to bake cookies, but they would never turn out right. And I received some motivation from a fellow blogger too, that gave me inspiration to try and make something fresh, and so here we are:

Yep that is the dough I made after an hours worth of procrastinating and thinking about how am I going to make it. I was more worried about the mathematical element to cooking, as me and maths are not very good friends, we have always had problems.  How to get the corrects grams of the ingredients etc.

But eventually I got on with it and found it was actually quite easy to make. I obviously found a easy recipe through the internet and it was simple and easy instructions.

And this is what I ended up with:

Instead of using dark chocolate I replaced it with white chocolate. I was in chocolaty heaven.

I only had minimal help from my mother, but I did the bulk of the work and that made me feel proud in myself after so long.

My brother couldn’t stop eating the dough, and it is very hard to please my brother and his food tastes, so I scored another bonus 🙂

Both my mum and brother praised my food cooking, so who knows what else I might decide to make next.

17 responses to “Sweet Chocolaty Heaven

  1. You are on your way you know. That is how it started for me. I baked cookies and now you can’t get me out of the kitchen. Cookies look yummy. Good luck with your adventures in the kitchen.

    • haha you are hungry for them, even I am getting craving again for them lol.

      Thanks for saying the pictures look awesome, I took them on my mobile phone hehe.

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