This is so Inspirational!

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how to be a better artist or writer

I can’t find the original post this was from, but I do know that I got it from Charlie Bowater and that it inspired me.

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    • I would agree with that too actually. Sometimes I wish I had the talent to just write and write and write well. But I have OCD with my writing sometimes that I have to triple check everything, and keep rewriting again again.

      Remember that post that I reblogged about perfectionism, that is my problem hehe.

  1. That’s great advice. The deadlines are key, I find. Before I started my blog, I wrote one story every month or two. Now I have to write 3 a week. It’s great motivation. 🙂

    • The other piece of advice that I read somewhere, it is on another blog when searching about character profiles was this:
      Write, Write more, continue to write more. So basically keep on writing and writing. 🙂

      I did start a story where I would upload a story every week with each chapter being 200 words, but I just feel a strange block whenever I come to write it for some strange reason. Have you ever had that before?

      I just think I have to remove that block and get on with it 🙂

      I really love that post as it is a great motivation tool. So I think I’ll remove my block with this as guidance. I hope it works!

      • Yeah I hope it does go soon, as this blog was mainly for sharing my stories hehe. At the moment I’m trying to write about music and personal things.

        Tonight I shall definitely give that story another go, well continue where it left off. Thanks for the encouragement once again 🙂

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