A perfect gift idea refused :(

Today I was sitting at my laptop planning my story, and my gaze went to the TV, and saw that there were these kids who were playing music instruments; and my mum saw my curiosity.

She just came out and said, “Do you want to learn to play these types of instruments?”

And I told her, “Yes, but an acoustic guitar!”

She started to wonder how will I learn to play that. I told her there were many ways I can learn, either by paid tuition, learning from web, or if I bought from Argos store, then it provides a video to teach you how to play.

After a while, I just realized that I was getting my hopes up way too high. I mean my mum would go and gladly buy the guitar for me, but the problem is always me. Will I actually learn to play? Or will it sit in the corner and gain dust? But then a part of me thinks that I am a musical type of girl, and music always helps to keep me calm, maybe if I did get a guitar and actually practiced it can help to let my creativity flow through.

As a kid I had fun learning to play the keyboard, but then as an adult, since I have an issue with space, I got a folded keyboard/piano. I just gave up with that as sometimes the keys would not press down and make a sound. So why play if when you touch a key it does not make a sound; like it should? Every time I played a piece it did not sound right because the key would not make the sound 😦 it was just annoying!

Do you think I should reconsider and say to my mum that I want an acoustic guitar, and that I will practice properly?


8 responses to “A perfect gift idea refused :(

  1. i think you should get one and inspire yourself to practice. we can make ourselves do the dullest things if we want to like cooking- i never liked cooking but i have been cooking since i was sixteen, and i always gave it my best shot- never did it half-heartedly, tried to cook as best as i could without any talent 🙂

    i will really insist you to motivate yourself to practice it, music is a blessing!

    • I am actually quite excited about it now. As my brother is also saying that if I want to learn, best to start with electric guitar hehe. As there is a game that helps to teach you how to play on xbox 360.

      Oh even I hate cooking, mum is trying to get me to start, but it is really dull and I always make errors even in the simplest of cooking. But the strange thing is, I like cooking deserts lol.

      I totally agree that music is a blessing. I have this picture that says ‘music is my life’ I would agree to that hehe 🙂
      Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

      • if you two are planning to learn together then you will be able to persuade each other to practice regular.

        please dont let this chance slip.

        i so regret that my parents did not thought the way your mom does. i so wanted to learn singing or something musical (excluding dance)

      • I mentioned to my brother that we could practice together, but then he came out and said that I won’t practice on a pink electric guitar lol.

        yep my brother is saying to get electric guitar instead as their is a game on xbox that can teach you to play while you play the game. And it doesn’t work on acoustic guitar. But I still want acoustic guitar! lol

        Yeah I have already said to mum, but she is being a bit hesitant now because of the price lol

        You wanted to sing? I wanted to sing too 🙂 I used to sing a lot back in the day, that makes me sound old now lol. But you know what I say just sing to your hearts content no matter what anyone says 🙂
        Can you dance? I can’t dance. A part of me wished I did practice to dance as a child.

  2. I agree with Sharmishtha that if you are interested in learning it, don’t be held back by doubts. All of us have the ability to create ourselves as we wish. So, if you want to be a guitar player, you can be. 🙂

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. I am actually quite excited about it now, as my brother is also encouraging me hehe.

      He is obviously saying that learning the electric guitar would be better. And there is a fun way of learning to play with a game on xbox 360 called Rocksmith. 🙂

      • Electric guitar would be a cool instrument to learn. I used to play trumpet and tuba when I was in school, neither of which is very cool. 🙂

      • I think the trumpet is cool. When I was in high school I wanted to play violin and flute. But my brother started teaching me to play keyboard instead.

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