Song of The Day: Crazy – Kidney Thieves

The Song of The Day is:

Song: Crazy

Artist: Kidney Thieves

This tune is actually done for the soundtrack to “Bride of Chucky” which was in 1998. I first heard of this artist when I heard another song of theirs from a different soundtrack “Queen of The Damned”.

Well this track is actually a cover to the original which was done by Patsy Cline.

Here is the original too:

So which do you guys prefer? I like both. They both have a different feel to them.


10 responses to “Song of The Day: Crazy – Kidney Thieves

    • Hiya!
      Sorry for late reply, actually ended up getting really busy with planning the novel that I kind of forgot about the blog lol sorry about that!

      So chucky movies kind of creeped you out? I found it quite humourous, a killer doll. Yeah I’m a weirdo lol.

      I heard they banned number 3 though. Did you ever see that one?

      • I don’t know number three either lol

        You know one day on my way home from work I was at the traffic lights, and i saw this business van with an open back, and there was a chucky doll lol. A perfect way to promote your flower business, “come to us or suffer by the hands of chucky!” lol.
        Not that was actually there slogan, it was my slogan for them hehe.

      • when i first saw the chucky movies i was quite old, even then i was scared to think about something so small (so it could hide almost anywhere) and so scary 🙂

      • How old were you when you first saw the chucky movies? I was actually quite young when I saw them around 8-10 years old maybe hehe.
        My first ever horror movie I saw was the night of the living dead when I was 3 haha. It was a zombie movie.
        What was your first horror movie?

    • lol even I think it is a strange name for a group, but have to admit it is quite different hehe.

      Oh I did see an episode in a show called “Shapath” on Life OK channel and it had a case related to selling body organs on black market.
      Have you seen that show? I tend to watch it when I am free hehe.

      • now real life brutality is above my digestion, far above. i carefully select movies that are not from real life. i dont have any intentions of spending half of the movie sniffing like a teenager.

      • Even I cannot stand real life brutality. I guess I love fiction as it isn’t real. I stay away from watching things that are related to reality as I know it will be quite brutal, and it can affect me. lol if I end watching something that is real life I’d probably be sniffing like a teenager.

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