A little flicker of hope

National Novel Writing Month

Only last week I decided to join the National Novel Writing Month, I thought I’d give it go and see if this is the big push I need to get myself going. I was really overwhelmed at first, but then I went onto the forums and sorted out all of my worries and now I am eagerly awaiting for 1st of November.

This is actually my first year attempting to do this, so anyone else done NaNoWriMo before? And what tips and advice would you give to someone like me who is a first timer?

The Other Stuff

This section is not related to National Novel Writing Month. This weekend at work I got really offended by the locum pharmacist I was working with. Last week she basically said I had no brains and that once someone says something to you try and remember it. It wasn’t my fault that I was stuck serving customers and by the time the queue calmed down I had forgotten what she told me to do. She ends up saying to me I have no common sense. This was last Saturday and I almost wanted to cry because she never listens to what I have to say before she starts having a go at me for silly things.

This Saturday she basically says to me that I’m not observant and I know nothing. She told me about this place that is looking for staff as he has two stores and needs the extra help. So I asked her where are the two shops so I can go there and see them by myself. She starts asking me if I know streets names and I’m so hesitant to answer as I only know places via a landmark, I am a visual person. And then she says I am not observant and I know nothing. I tried to tell her that I know from landmarks and buildings, but she would not have any of it.

Sometimes I wonder why am I still stuck in that workplace where I am not accepted much? Before she used to praise me and say that if my manager will allow me to progress I would be a valuable asset. Now, when they have crushed my confidence and blocked my progress she is basically started to treat me like crap. No-one listens to a single thing I had to say at staff meetings or in talking to me in general that I have started to stop talking to them. As every Saturday I seem to come home upset and completely crushed.

The only thing that has kept me grounded and not thinking about my current situation was planning my novel in October, with my friend, and now the National Novel Writing Month. It is a little flicker of hope, that not everything in life is bad.

24 responses to “A little flicker of hope

  1. This be my third NaNoWriMo, and I think the best tip is not to view the 50K target in black and white. Yes, you don’t get to be called a ‘winner’ if you only write 20K or 30K in a month, but you’ve still been very productive. The point of it is to get people to write really, not necessarily to hit that target (they obviously had to set the target quite high otherwise it wouldn’t be enough of a challenge to motivate people). So whatever you do, don’t look at your wordcount after a few days and go ‘I’ll never hit the target’ and then give up. If you’ve written more during November then you usually would have without the challenge, then you’ve achieved something.

    Good luck.

    Regarding the rest of your post, sorry you’re having such a hard time. But it seems that this person has no care or thoughts for how you feel. People who don’t care about upsetting people aren’t nice people, so just remember that she’s the one who should feel bad about who they are, and remember that nasty people say nasty things about us because they are nasty, not because it’s true. And look on the bright side; one day she’ll prove to be great inspiration for your writing. Could you feature some kind of disgusting goblin-type creature in your NaNoWriMo to get all your frustrations out πŸ˜›

    • Thank you for your comment πŸ™‚

      I guess that is a valid point about the 50k target. I will definitely remember this. I guess I just want to be able to get into the practice of writing everyday, even I know deep down inside for someone like me it will be hard to reach the 50k target. I guess for me the main focus should be to write and nothing more πŸ™‚

      I wish you good luck too for your novel! πŸ™‚

      Actually she has already kind of inspired me to write, as I want to prove to her that I can do what I set my mind to, because she says I can’t do anything without someone being there.

      haha a disgusting type goblin, I would if I was writing a fantasy story hehe. But I’m writing a supernatural one hehe. But I do have many scenes were anger is being vented so frustration will come out that way lol.

      So what is your novel about this year? πŸ™‚

      • Mine this year is a 1930’s steampunk paranormal detective noir mystery, with a possible science fiction twist (personally I’m not sure there are enough genres in their :P). Oh and it’s a humour novel. Yeah, definitely not enough stuff going on there, I think!

      • Oh you like steampunk? I have a friend on here that likes steampunk too!

        hehe that is a lot of genres for one story. I think I am intrigued already and whenever it is written, I don’t mind having a read of it πŸ™‚ I haven’t read much about steampunk before.

        Have you seen a show called Warehouse 13, apparently that is steampunk too πŸ™‚

      • It’s a genre I don’t really know much about, but I like the idea of. I’ve got a book on the history of it which is really interesting which I should probably read again before…oh, tomorrow! Yeah, I think perhaps it sounds like a lot, but really the vision I have for it is something that blends them together so you’d hardly even notice it. I think paranormal mystery is probably the essence of the story, it’s just if you look closely it’ll probably have elements of other genres in there too (like a lot of books seem to). Well, after it’s finished and revised I’ll be looking for Beta readers in the new year, perhaps if you’ve got something I could read in return we could do an exchange? πŸ™‚

        I think I’ve seen one episode, and that was quite a while ago so I can’t remember anything about it. I’ve got a friend who says it’s good though. Worth a watch?

      • How big is the book on the history of Steampunk? If it is huge then reading by tomorrow might be a bit problematic.

        So after November will you start editing it straight away sometime in December or in the new year? Yeah I wouldn’t mind doing an exchange with you, but would a supernatural story be your thing? I mean vampires/witches/vampire hunters? Don’t worry it doesn’t have any romance in it, that I can promise πŸ˜€

        Yeah warehouse 13 is really awesome, you should definitely watch a few more episodes. It is quite funny too with one of the characters known as Pete. He is the comic relief in the show πŸ™‚

      • It’s not that big. Probably more an overview than a detailed walkthrough. I’ll read it sometime after November and then it can inform my editing rather than the original writing. I guess I don’t want to spend November having to refer to notes and stuff anyway. I’ll give it a couple of weeks after November before I go back for the first round of edits, so probably some time in mid January (assuming I do actually get it finished in November) I’ll be looking for people to read it.

        Yeah supernatural’s cool. Haha, that’s all right then. That’s the problem now, isn’t it? As soon as you say supernatural or paranormal, people instantly think Twilight.

        I’ll have to hunt it down and check it out. Sounds good πŸ™‚

      • Hiya!
        How are you?
        How is NaNo coming along? πŸ™‚
        I agree with you, I am also not looking at notes I am just writing the idea out and then read the notes later to make it better during the editing stage.

        Well I don’t mind having a read when you are ready to look for readers πŸ™‚

        haha yeah everyone thinks twilight, so everytime I say about my idea I say it is not twilight hehe. So yeah we can definitely do the exchange πŸ™‚

      • Hey. I’m good thanks, you? Erm, well I’m on target, which I suppose is all that really matters. I’ve been so caught up with work/migraines that I haven’t actually been able to do any writing since the 3rd until last night. Got off to a strong start, doing 14K in the first 3 days, then had other things to do. Kind of annoying really seeing as at that pace I would have finished it by tomorrow! Still, I’m on track and my schedule is freeing up a little bit so hopefully I can rack up another 10K at least over the weekend to get me well ahead and give me some breathing space next week.

        How are you getting along with yours? I’m finding the no notes mostly working out OK, although every now and then I kinda wish I had the answer to a question or two!

        Still up for exchanging as soon as it’s finished and edited πŸ™‚ Hope yours is coming along nicely.

      • Hiya!
        Yeah I am good too! Just the last two days I ended up catching the cold so I didn’t feel like doing anything.

        It must be hard to write when you get migraines, right? Have you taken anything for your migraines? So how many words have you done since?
        Don’t worry I think you will do the challenge well since you started well and done 14K already πŸ™‚

        Me, well I have done around 18,000 words or slightly over that, but because I have been ill the last 2 days I didn’t do much writing. Today was Diwali so spending time with family, so I have to do some major catch up before the weekend. But I feel the story won’t be completed in a month…that much I have figured out lol. But yeah my story is coming out nicely.

        So what type of questions do you need answers to? πŸ™‚

    • I feel that tolerance to the workplace is fading, so I am just trying to get my confidence up and when that happens, I’m leaving that job in hopes of getting a better one.
      Yay I can’t wait for November! Have you taken part in this contest before?

  2. Sorry to hear about the pharmacist. Not a nice person, it seems.
    As for Nano, good for you! This is my 7th year doing it, and I’m excited for November 1st to come. Have you registered on their site, http://www.nanowrimo.org? If you do and want to be writing buddies, my ID is Eternal Foreigner. I don’t know about advice, except don’t give up, even if you think it’s not going well. My novel last year was horrible, but I got some good ideas out of it, so it’s not a total loss. I’m more optimistic about this year’s novel.

  3. Go tell that lady to buzz off and suck a lemon! (after you have found a better job that is) Its never a good idea to stay around an abusive work environment. Trust me. (I’ve had some horrid bosses…) The only thing it does is hurt your confidance, which makes it even harder to succeed. Show her you are better by just being awesome!

    • haha you always say the most amazing things! I just loved that suck a lemon line hehe.

      Yeah I am looking for a better job now, but it is hard trying to find one as jobs are lacking.

      Yeah I will try and be awesome! Thanks so much dear! πŸ™‚

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