Song of The Day: I Feel Immortal – Tarja

The Song of The Day is actually a song that I thought suited the entire idea of the novel I am going to be writing during NaNoWriMo. Tarja Turunen also used to be the singer for nightwish but now has started to do her albums as a solo artist.

Song: I Feel Immortal

Artist: Tarja or Tarja Turunen

This tune is mostly for my main character, Abhilasha. It just sums up how she feels with everything that is going to be happening to her. In her dreams she knows she doesn’t have to fear or be scared of death as she is some what safe there. Although her dreams are scary, confusing and mostly premonitions she feels she can survive.

Outside of her dream world she is the most wanted person in the real world. She knows that soon her time will come when she will have to fight for her survival.

It is just a beautiful song and she has a stunning voice! 🙂

20 responses to “Song of The Day: I Feel Immortal – Tarja

  1. i know an abhilasha, but she is right now in ranchi mental assylum. poor girl, she was so obsessed with her husband that it disbalanced her sanity, but i have heard that she willl be out of there in a couple of years.

    • Why was Abhilasha obsessed about her husband? Was it that she loved him so much she couldn’t bare to live without him, but the fear of losing him was eating her up inside?

      Well I hope she will get better and get back to her life again. 🙂

      • obsession is called a type of mental disorder, if it goes overboard i believe. i dont know why/how i heard about her via media, the name and case both are not very common so the memory stayed in mind.

        may be she is already out of there 🙂

      • Oh so Abhilasha was in the media? I was thinking you knew an Abhilasha! Sorry about that hehe.
        But yeah I would agree that obsession is a mental disorder when it goes beyond reasonable.

        So how old was the news?

    • Oh Tarja is actually an opera singer hehe, she was actually the singer to the band called Nightwish before she became a solo artist hehe.

      Well more than an opera singer/ she is classical.
      I just love her voice it is soulful and touches your heart 🙂

  2. Great song. Congratulations on Nano, by the way. You beat me to the finish line too. 🙂 I echo Sharmishtha though, I miss seeing you here. Hope to see you around. How did your novel turn out? Did you finish the story?

    • Hiya David!
      How are you?
      lol I thought you beat me to the finish line hehe. How did your novel turn out and did you manage to complete it?
      Mine is turning out okay hehe, but it isn’t finished though, but now that it has become apart of my writing practice I am still writing it hehe. I kind of want to see it to the end.

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