What is it? Chapter 2

As requested by my dear friend, Sharmishtha, a second chapter!

I do have one request, I’m trying my hardest to try and improve my writing; so if you want to provide some tips and feedback, please do as it will help me to improve. Many thanks in advance! 🙂

What is it? Chapter 2

Oceana squatted down beside the young man as her eyes examined him checking for his vitals. The biometric system installed within her eyes told her that he was stable; just suffering from a bit of shock as she stared at the rhythm of his heart beat.

She sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair.

“Don’t ever do another alien impression again…it seems my human counterparts really don’t like it.” She stood up and began to study her surroundings. The blades of grass were dry and brilliant green looking brand new like nobody had trodden on it; the air was fresh and unpolluted. Where she stood all she saw was a picturesque farmland that ran for miles. In the far distance she listened closely and could hear the sound of running water, she turned her head to the right and her biometric system picked up the location to the small flowing stream.

She swiftly began searching through the tent when she saw what she was looking for; an orange plastic cup. She seized it within her hands and stomped off towards the sound of the peaceful stream. When she approached the destination she came to a sudden stop, she was awestruck by the beauty of the place. In the sky the stars twinkled and their reflection glimmered on the clear watered stream, there was a huge windmill and its huge blades span gently with the pleasant breeze that swept through her hair. The leaves of the tall overhanging trees brushed against each other providing a tranquil tune to those that dreamed.

She trod heavily towards the stream and stopped when she crouched down to gather the water into the plastic cup; in certain places the plastic was slowly melting. She steadily got up and rushed back to the young man.

“Sleep time is over.” She said as a mischievous grin crossed her lips. She threw the contents of the cup at the young man and he startled awake as the cold seeped into his skin.

“What the hell is the matter with you?” he yelled as he stood up.

“Good! You’re finally awake!” She grabbed hold of his arm and yanked him into the tent, “Please, listen to me. I don’t have much time. They could come looking for me at any minute now. I really need your help…” She begged as a strange fear overtook her.

“Okay…” He elongated the word, “what can a human possibly do to help an alien?” He stared at her, blinking slowly as confusion settled in.

“To put the long story short, I was abducted at the age of ten, experimented on, become the perfect host to handle three different types of DNA; human, alien and crazy feline DNA. I couldn’t tolerate it any longer and with help I managed to escape and I ended up here…” She spoke fast and then decided to poke her head out of the tent, as she looked up at the night sky she saw many flashes of light flying through the atmosphere. Panic began to rise within her.

“They are here…” She murmured. Oceana hid herself behind the flimsy tent material and pleadingly looked at the young man, “please, you have to hide me…I don’t want to go back…I don’t want to suffer any more.” Her eyes turned misty-eyed. Unexpectedly, the ground vibrated as something crashed nearby.

“What was that?” He questioned, a part of him understood that something was taking place, but what? That he didn’t know.

They both cautiously popped their heads out of the tent and saw smoke drifting up into the night sky. Their gaze raised higher and they both caught their breath as they saw many bright lights hovering, scattered all over the place and her fellow peers levitating down onto earth from their spaceships.

The young man scrambled back into the far part of the tent and looked afraid, “You weren’t joking when you said the planet is under threat.” He couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Listen, if you can hide me tonight, I promise no-one will harm our planet. I’ll make sure I’ll kick their asses and send them back home.” She looked into his eyes with hope gleaming in her eyes. Having expectations that she could start over, a second chance at life. She wanted to experience some sort of normality in her existence like she did as a kid.

“Okay. I can keep you at my place, it isn’t too far from here. Come on.” He crawled out of the tent and held out his hand for Oceana. She put her hand in his and was instantly yanked out of the tent as they began to run for their survival. They ran west, taking the cover of the menacing trees and the woodland. They continued to sprint for what seemed like ten minutes still hand in hand until the young man came to a sudden stop, panting, and hunched down slightly. He pulled apart the broken wired fence and awkwardly stepped through to the other side; he held it back so Oceana could scrape through. After she got through he put the wired fence back into its normal position. He grasped her hand once more and they began to jog through the passageway that hid behind the houses; the entrances to the back gardens of the houses were boarded up.

After some time he came to a standstill at the last house, he looked all around him before he started the climb to the top of the wooden fence and drop down to the other side. Oceana on the other hand jumped over the fence and landed gracefully on her feet, she had no need to climb. The young man looked at her amazed as she smiled.

“The best thing about being an alien, anything is possible.” She smiled as she winked. He headed towards the sliding doors and stepped into the warm and cosy house that smelled like fizzy sweets. She stepped into the house gradually and her eyes inspected the interior with wonder; she felt like a child that put their first steps into Disney Land!

The room they had walked into was the living room which was situated on the right hand side of the big room, it had lament flooring, and a rug under the glass coffee table, and the table had a small section to place magazines underneath, there was a black recliner sofa on the left hand side that faced the TV and there was a normal settee that could fit three people in front of them. It was sort of shaped to represent an L shaped sofa but without an L shaped sofa. Near to the recliner there was a fireplace and on the mantelpiece was photographs of his family. On the far left hand side was the kitchen area, they headed towards the kitchen, but ended up going through a door way which lead to the staircase, attached to the staircase was a small storage cupboard and the study on the right hand side. The main door was in front of her.

The young man ran up the stairs and flung open the bedroom door, inside his room it was scattered with posters, ranging through rock stars, hot babes and just random posters.

“Seriously, you’ve got a lot of explaining to do. So start now.” The young man sat down and sprawled out in his chair and watched her closely. She ambled over to the bed and sat down facing him. She gulped.

“Okay. I’m ready to tell you everything…”

What is it? Continued…

The other day, I was reading one of my friends stories and she basically said to continue it if intrigued. So I got intrigued and I wrote my own continuation to that story.

This is the original post, Click Here

She is a very good imaginative writer so definitely check out her blog too. You’ll be amazed!

Well anyway here is my continuation of the story:

He was lying flat, on his back, watching the stars in the open sky.

How he loved these small escapades to the woods! Every necessary thing packed in his backpack – a small tent in case it rained, a sleeping bag and lots of mosquito repellant lotion.

There was no sign of rain, a pleasant breeze was blowing, stirring the leaves of the trees and the grass on which he was lying.

The moon was peeking at him hiding under scanty clouds, he fell asleep….

A strange flash of light woke him up, at first he thought that the moon was coming down on him….

 The more he watched the moon the more he realised that it was moving closer towards him, the pleasant breeze became a ferocious beast clawing its way through everything. Luckily the tent was pinned down otherwise it would have flown up into the sky and danced around the moon which hovered slightly above him.

 Suddenly the moon brightened and became so bright that the young man’s eyes was blinded by pure light shining down onto the grass. He covered his eyes and after a little while removed his left arm from his face that had become his shield.

 “I’ve got to be dreaming…” The young man murmured as he witnessed the sight before him.

In the intense bright light something levitated down the light beam, it looked human. When its feet touched the ground the light disappeared and ceased to exist. The young man looked up at the starry night and noticed that it wasn’t the moon, the moon was up in the sky at a far distance, this was a floating machine that floated in the air shaped like the moon.

 “What the -” the young man looked at the figure that approached him. It was a girl. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her light brown hair till her shoulders, her eyes a deep chocolate-brown colour and her lips were deep crimson red and her skin almost pale. She tilted her head slightly to her left and examined the young man standing before her.

 “Greetings. My name is Oceana, I’ve come here to warn you. Your planet is in grave danger.” She said still staring at him. She spoke coldly and without emotion.

 The young man suddenly fainted and her eyes followed him, staring at him with curiosity, her pupils and iris flickered yellow almost looking like a pair of cats eyes and then back to deep chocolate-brown again.

“Humans. Fragile creatures. They fear themselves and are weak species.” She spoke in her cold and emotionless voice….

Imaginary light

“The shining bright light within fades away

Not even a small flicker left for a sign of hope

Only the darkness envelopes me completely

Feeling trapped within a terrible nightmare

The darkness hovers above me like a black cloud

Sucking the life out of me…”

This was something that came to me around two days ago. I was feeling rather low and feeling rather helpless. Whenever I start to feel depressed I always end up writing something like this. It is like something within just wants to pour itself out, maybe it is a way for me to deal with the situation.

I know that I suffer from frequent depression and you tend to know when I am feeling low when I seem to do my vanishing acts and not found anywhere until I find that I am ready to crawl out of my shell and ready to embrace the world once again. This is how it has been for eight years. This is how long I have been suffering with depression and like always I tend to beat its nasty butt all the time.

This time however it is getting a little harder. My routine tends to consist of reading positive affirmations to myself every morning, but this time I read it and I just don’t seem to believe much in it anymore, however it has helped me to smile and get out of hiding just yesterday. For that to happen I had to read those affirmations once in the morning and once before going to bed. Before once was enough.

I think the whole thing with work is just dragging me down. That locum pharmacist just doesn’t know when to keep her mouth shut and she starts to complain and compare me to people I don’t even know, I try to hard to ignore what she says, but her bitter words always find a way to linger in my mind. Last Saturday, she basically categorised me into the lazy department with people from another pharmacy and I have never met them. I was thinking to myself, you have no right to say that about me, you don’t know me so how can you say that? You don’t even bother to come out onto the shop floor to see what I do since you’re to busy trying to please the manager by doing the work in dispensary? I just ended up ignoring her, but by the time home time arrived her words of calling me lazy, good for nothing just reappeared.

I basically began to start doubting myself and everything that I have done recently. I even started to doubt the novel I wrote in November thinking it was a complete waste of time, it is good for nothing. I haven’t written anything new on it this past week! I fear to touch it. I have been keeping to myself and not speaking to friends much; up until yesterday of course.

Me and my mum both think that it is for my best interest that I quit that job. A part me still wants to go there as I need the money to pay out for my mobile broadband, but the other side of me is just fed up, wants to move on and get better and start applying for better jobs. As always I am quite confused within myself with what I should do. If I leave this job, there might be a possibility that there are no jobs to apply for since jobs are lacking these days…

And now I am just going to stop right here. I had no where else to gather my thoughts, and since this is Diary of a Lost Girl where better to put it then here?

I’ve been thinking about my main character, Abhilasha, in hopes of reviving the story once again and this is her theme tune! I’m thinking if I listen to the soundtrack for the novel it might inspire me to start up again. I think it is slowly working its magic 🙂

The vanishing act is over!

Hi there boys and girls!

How are you?

Yes, I’m back after a very long time. I do apologise for the long disappearance act as I was away for the whole month writing my NaNoWriMo novel. I must say, now I know what it is like to be a full-time writer. It is actually quite fun! Although my novel is not yet complete, I’m still going to try and finish it. I’m someone who likes to finish what they start.

I also noticed that some of you have actually missed me. I missed you guys too. I am back now so you we can catch up! Sharmishtha, David Stewart and DreamPunk Geek I missed you guys so much!

I guess this was a little note to say that I am back and the neglect on the blog will gradually fade away. I’ll try to do another post when I get chance, this week is just busy.