Hibernate Mode: On & Off

Recently you might have noticed that I might have dropped off the face of the world for the last few weeks. Well things have just started to get interesting/difficult/and seriously confusing.

Well let’s start from the beginning, since the new year came I decided that I’m no longer going to stick with things that no longer work for me; so in other words out with the old and in with the new. So since my job makes me feel so unhappy, I decided that I would resign. And I have resigned. I feel that if I didn’t take that step I would still be there, stuck there till the day I die, and never leave my comfort zone or become something good that I know is waiting for me.

So ever since then I have been sorting out my resume and starting it from scratch so it is all up-to-date. And I feel proud of myself as resigning is making me push myself for the better. I am starting to feel a lot happier on the inside.

I have been crazily looking into internships! And found a few places I want to try, if it will help to improve my future prospects, then why not?

At the same time, I have been focusing on my writing. My brother also paid for a 3 month subscription to the Writing Magazine (which was a big surprise for me as he got it for me as a Christmas present; and it was the best gift too!) so I get to read about everything related to writing!

The reason why this is also a rather confusing period is because I’m unable to control the way I feel and my emotions, my mind keeps going back to the past when things were so much better and I was better too, but somewhere I seemed to have lost myself and trying to resurrect my old self again. So it is a battle raging deep within me and I really want my mind to guide me for a change. I’ve listened to my heart too much and have gotten nothing out of it.

So this is the reason why I had vanished. And for that I do apologise! I’ll also be uploading chapter 3 of What is it? as well today! I’ll also catch up on the blog reading too 🙂

8 responses to “Hibernate Mode: On & Off

  1. Good for you. Love that your focusing on writing. Hope to talk with you soon. We might need to email. I’m starting Editing. Me scared. Can’t wait to here from you.


    • Hiya Lyndsey!
      How are you?
      Yeah I have been meaning to get online, but been so busy recently. I just hope you are okay 🙂 So you have started editing your novel now? I had to restart it again lol. Don’t be afraid, you can do this, I’ll try and come online soon! Maybe sometime this week 🙂

  2. I’m right there with ya sista! I don’t know when or where I lost myself, but I need to get out there and find her. I miss me.

    Glad to see you back! I’ve missed our blog posts and chats. (Sorry – I’ve been so bad about keeping up)

    • It is the same with me, I don’t know when I lost myself either. The other day I was asking my mum to remind me how I used to be, and now I’m just trying to do all those things again. I miss myself too. But it is really hard.

      How about we help each other to find ourselves again? I think it will work better that way!

      By the way, I hope things are okay on your side, as the last time we spoke you were dealing with a few things. If you ever want a friend to chat with, I’ll be there 🙂

      Oh yes I miss our conversations and blog! Maybe we can still use it for ideas with plot help, motivation for short stories or longer pieces of fiction. It is totally up to you 🙂

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