What is it? Chapter 4

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I do apologize that this chapter has taken me so long to write and upload on here, things have just been busy on my end that I couldn’t upload straight away.

Well here is chapter 4 in the What is it? story. For convenience you can access all previous chapter’s by clicking on the sidebar and heading over to the category section and click the link where it is says ‘What is it? – Story’, it will take you directly to them 🙂 .

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What is it? Chapter 4

At the door was another young man; his hair was blonde and it had some length giving an appearance of a casual surfer, his eyes were azure like a cloudless sky, his lips had a soft hint of pink on them. He was somewhat taller than Oceana and he had a semi muscular figure and his black t-shirt clung to his body. He wore a pair of cargo pants which were neatly tucked into his heavy black boots, Oceana was dressed similarly.

“Where is she? This is urgent!” The stranger demanded.

“Where is who?” The young man began to step further back into the house, past the door, when the outsider lunged forward and grabbed hold of the young man’s collar and glowered at him.

The stranger looked at the young man with his intense eyes and suddenly the young man felt an intruder invading his mind, “get out of my head, not fair. I didn’t give you consent!” the young man gritted his teeth and placed his hands tightly on his temples as the pain was worse than a migraine. He groaned in agony.

“Don’t lie to me, Jake. I know she’s here. You’ve spoken to her and in fact she is still here but, hesitating to show herself…” Oceana gripped the baseball bat even tighter and her eyes were firmly focused on Jake, wondering if he was okay or not. She suddenly realised that she never knew the name of her saviour until now.

The stranger loosened his grip on Jake, suddenly the outsider propelled Jake backwards and sent him flying into the kitchen and living room as his back and head whacked into the pillar that supported the roof. Jake was knocked out unconscious and sprawled out across the floor.

“Jake!” Oceana yelled. Oceana stepped out from behind the door and lifted the baseball bat and swung it at the enemy, sending him on a brief airborne flight out of the house. He landed on his back and ended up scraping against the floor until he finally got stopped by the trunk of a tree. Oceana dropped the bat and began to stomp towards him but, unexpectedly stopped.

“Stone…” She murmured. She clasped his right ankle in her right hand and dragged him back towards the house, when she reached the steps she gracefully flung him over her shoulder and walked into the house and kicked the door shut behind her.

Oceana took one of the chairs from the kitchen and positioned Stone into the seat. His head lolled to the right as he sat there knocked out. Oceana remembered the storage cupboard underneath the staircase and rushed towards it with urgency, she rummaged through the mess and found a huge amount of rope and an impish smile played across her lips. She took hold of the rope and shut the cupboard door behind her and headed straight for Stone. She began to tie him up leaving no room for him to escape. By the end he looked like a mummy!

She went over to Jake and picked him up, he moaned in pain as she carried him over to the sofa and laid him down slowly. She fluffed up a pillow and placed it gently under his head and without realising she stroked his jet black hair and swiped his fringe to the side away from his face. She went and sat next to him on the recliner chair and propped her feet up on the glass table and waited patiently. She put her hands behind her head and sighed blissfully and allowed herself to sink deeper into the seat. Until this point, she never knew what relaxation was…


Jake groaned as he awakened, he slowly sat up and his hand went to touch the back of his head and his back was sore. Suddenly he felt a soft hand on his shoulder; he looked up and saw Oceana examining him with her biometric software embedded in her eyes.

“You okay?” She asked.

“My head hurts! It feels like I got whacked in the head by a baseball bat!” His face twisted in pain.

“You did hit your back and head against the pillar over there.” Oceana pointed towards the pillar.

Jake glanced at the pillar and thinking about it made him tremble but, then his eyes fell onto the newcomer tied up to a chair like a mummy; trying very hard to free himself without much luck.

“Oceana! Get me out of this chair, right now!” Stone ordered as he continued to try to free himself…again. He was a persistent young man who would never give up even if the odds were against him.

“No. Because as soon as I do that, you’ll take me back there!” She denied his request.

“I’m not here to take you back. We’ve all been sent back to join you, Oceana!” Stone’s eyes pleaded and held a certain amount of truth in them.

“Who sent you back?” Oceana questioned.

“Our mother did…” He stopped fighting and decided to sit still in his confined space.

“Peace? What did she say?” Oceana was eager to know what their mother said to the others.

“Why don’t I just show you.” Stone clenched Oceana’s wrist and yanked her down so she was kneeling down beside the chair. All of a sudden Oceana seemed lost in a trance, staring deeply into the thin air like she was watching a movie at the cinema as it projected in front of her. She watched with intent.

 At the alien planet

“Hurry, Stone. We don’t have much time!” Stone and Peace ran into the departure hanger and one after the other they climbed the ladder to gain access to one of the ships.

“Listen to me Stone, you have to find Oceana and the others. You have to protect her, she is in big danger here and she needs to find the truth. The truth of her being. The answers are on earth. Chastity and the other’s want her dead and the invasion on earth is a sure way of hiding the truth from her and silencing the ones on earth that know of the secret…Just promise me Stone that you will keep everyone together and be strong for Oceana…” her voice faded as she tried to hold back the tears but, was very unsuccessful.

Stone was perplexed but, he grabbed her hands in his and said, “I promise, Peace.” Peace felt a sense of relief knowing her wishes were cared for, Peace began to speedily press buttons and the machine hummed to life.

“Please enter a destination.” A mechanical female voice spoke from the machine. Peace entered the destination, ‘Earth’ and the machine reconfirmed the location aloud.

The machine began to hover off the ground when suddenly the double doors to the departure hanger opened and masses of footsteps approached and came to a halt all at once.

“Shut down the machine, Stone, and both of you step down the ladder and step away from the machine.” Spoke a voice filled with authority and someone obeying orders.

Peace looked at Stone and she leaned in close and whispered into his ear, “Remember what I said. Find Oceana and stay together no matter what happens.” She pressed the green button and the glass lid encased Stone into the machine. He began to protest as he pounded his fists against the strong glass that was unbreakable; screaming for Peace to let him out. He began to sob as the alien guards began to fire their weapons at her. Surrounding Peace was a green force field that engulfed her entire being as she levitated down to the ground.

Suddenly the shield faded and she raised her right hand and her eyes looked at the ladder and with her mind and hand she sent the ladder flying into the alien guards taking them down like skittles in ten pin bowling and earning a strike! Peace began to run in hopes of getting to another hiding place when one of the guards crawled along the floor to the closest weapon. He aimed and it locked straight on the target and he pressed the trigger and it fired continuously. Peace was taken down instantly as it struck her right upper arm and her left thigh and she fell in agony onto the floor. The alien guards reassembled and surrounded her with their weapons aiming at her…

 Back on earth

Oceana was stunned to the core as she stared at stone, “Is she dead?” she asked as tears began to fall down her delicate cheeks.

“I believe so.” Stone was sad and held the tears back.

“What just happened?” Jake asked rather puzzled.

Stone turned to face Jake, “I just showed her my departure…our mother died trying to help us escape from that hell hole!”

Jake froze on the spot and felt sad for them both. He sighed deeply and brushed his fingers through his hair.

“Did she use her ability?” Oceana asked suddenly.

“Yeah, she did. It was the only way she could get us out of there and fool the system and security.”

“What ability?” Jake asked curiously.

Oceana turned and looked at Jake and wiped her tears away, “She has this ability where she can touch someone and she takes on their appearance and their DNA structure and fingerprints. She also gains voice that way too. It is a decent ability to have. I guess you could say she’s very good at cloning…”

“That does sound like an awesome ability. I’m sorry about your loss…” Jake trailed off.

“One thing I don’t understand, is about this secret relating to me, and why am I a threat to the aliens? If I’m such a big problem to them, why didn’t they just kill me when they got hold of me?” Oceana said her thoughts aloud and it put everyone in deep contemplation, “I have to find out about this secret…” She said.

“We’ll figure it out. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.” Jake said as he placed a sympathetic hand on her shoulder as he walked off towards the kitchen, “I’m starving, what about you guys?” He asked as he went rummaging through the fridge and cupboard and taking out various items.

“I’m famished.” Oceana said.

“Me too. But, can someone be nice enough to remove me from this mummy wrap, please.” Stone looked at Oceana and motioned towards the rope.

Oceana walked past him with a playful smile on her lips, “For now, I think the mummy wrap suits you…” Oceana went and sat down on one of the other chairs as she and Jake exchanged big grins. Jake loved to see her smile, it was infectious…


6 responses to “What is it? Chapter 4

  1. this is just amazing mani, waiting for the next part. i can see an amazing science fiction in making.

    i love the warmth, beauty and mystery of this story, esp the bond between jake and oceana.

    • Thank you so much dear! The next part is in writing. I have completed a draft just got to rewrite and edit hehe. Hopefully by the end of the week it should be up on here 🙂

      Yeah I’m thinking that Jake and Oceana might get closer, but not quite sure. Let’s see what happens as the story progresses. Do you think they should get together later on in the story?

    • Yeah I agree tummy problems are annoying indeed! I’ve only just gotten better lol.

      Chapter five should be out either tomorrow or wednesday for definite! 🙂

      Thank you so much for liking this story dear! 🙂 It gives me motivation to continue; this is the first story that is this long hehe.

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