What is it? – Chapter 5

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Well here it is, chapter 5 in the ‘What is it?’ story!

What is it? Chapter 5

It was the following morning and the sun was beaming outside, showing its happiness as its rays flooded through every available window. Jake sat on the recliner chair with his laptop sitting on his lap. He sat with a rapt expression watching the screen as if waiting for something to surface; when unexpectedly a hand tapped him on the shoulder and someone ended up sitting next to him on the other sofa.

Jake paused the video he was engrossed in and looked up from the screen, he turned his head to the right and saw Oceana seated on the other sofa eating a Granny Smith apple.

“What are you up to?” She asked as she chewed and bit into the apple again.

“Nothing much really…just trying to locate someone from surveillance video’s.”

Oceana got up from the seat and sauntered over to the mantelpiece and picked up Jake’s family photo. A pleasant smile played across her lips as she noticed how happy they were; her fingers brushed against the glass of the photo frame. The picture was quite old, she could tell that Jake was around fourteen years old and was the eldest of the three siblings.

“How comes your family aren’t here? What happened to them?” She gingerly put the photo frame back on the shelf and headed back to the sofa. Jake’s expression had turned sorrowful.

“My family is missing…I’ve been living alone for a long time now…waiting…”

“How did they disappear?” Oceana questioned as she placed a hand on his; the skin on his hand was smooth.

“I don’t know…I wasn’t with them at the time. I was grounded because I stole £50 from my father’s wallet to buy a part to fix a motorbike secretly with my uncle Chester. They were all out at the cinema and never returned…no sightings…it is like they never existed.” Oceana felt empathetic towards Jake, she knows all to well what it’s like to be separated from loved ones; he has been alone and abandoned for a long time.

Oceana’s eyes landed on a bunch of papers that were spread over the glass table in a messy manner; when a particular drawing caught her attention. She pulled the sketch out from the mess surrounding it and gaped at it. She took a glimpse at Jake and wondered how he had a portrait of Chelsie; someone from her unit.

“Why do you have a sketch of this girl?” She asked trying to hide the shakiness in her voice but, her voice failed her.

Jake took the sketch from Oceana and gave a small smile, “I know her. She is the one I’ve been searching for all this time. My sister, Chelsie Porter. This is how she would look after all these years…”

“How can you be so sure that this is your sister?”

“I have a friend in the police and they have this software that can show you what someone would look like when older or vice versa. He sent me the sketches.” Jake replied.

Oceana took in a deep breath and suddenly felt apprehensive. She turned to face him, inside herself she was nervous, she didn’t know whether she should tell him or not. In the end she decided it was the right thing to do.

“Jake…I need to confess something,” she looked him in the eyes her will strong and unfaltering, “what I have to tell you…it is sincere and isn’t fabricated. Just promise me you won’t get angry?”

Jake was in a bit of a dither regarding the conversation; eventually he nodded his agreement and replied, “I promise.”

“I know your sister, Chelsie. She is part of my unit…” Oceana looked away from him feeling like a bearer of bad news and Jake was completely taken aback by the news.

Unexpectedly, Stone entered the room dressed in a pair of sweatpants. He ambled over to the TV and switched it on.

“Why do you two look so glum? Come on, cheer up you two.” Stone sat down beside Oceana and put his forearm on her shoulder as he stared at the two gloom filled faces. Oceana and Jake continued looking at each other with questioning eyes.

Suddenly a news bulletin appeared on the TV. The female news reporter’s voice filled the living room.

“Last night, a local store was robbed and one suspect took down all security personnel single-handedly. The suspect has been caught on the store’s CCTV footage stealing food, and first aid items. The public is being warned to not approach this suspect, she is considered dangerous.” Stone and Oceana automatically turned their attention to the screen when a picture of the suspect appeared on the TV.

“Remind you of someone we know?” Stone faced Oceana.

“Who is it?” Jake asked.

Oceana paused the bulletin on a still frame of the suspect and she gently took the portrait from Jake and sighed, “look closely at the girl on the TV screen and then look at the drawing. Notice any resemblance?”

Jake’s eyes were focused on the screen and seemed to take in every little detail of the blonde haired girl and his eyes drifted slowly away and saw the sketch. His eyes began to well up.

“It’s her…” He said as he fought back the tears. He knew if he cried now he wouldn’t be able to stop. The tears would flow like a waterfall if they wanted too.

“Me and Stone are going to find her…and bring her back with us, safe and sound.” Oceana said innocently. She and Stone both stood up together as if in sync and began to head towards the exit of the kitchen when Jake stopped them in their tracks.

“Can I come with you?” His eyes were pleading as a new hope awakened within him. A hope of a happy family reunion.

“I don’t think that is such a good idea.” Stone said.

“I think you two are going to need me. I know this place off the back of my hand; also I have transport to get us places.” Jake folded his arms he knew he had made a valid point.

“Jake, you can come with us but, where-ever we tell you to stay put…you stay put. Only me and Stone can convince your sister she isn’t under threat. The moment she sees you…she will attack you.” Oceana avoided his gaze as she said, “I don’t want to see you get hurt.” She turned away as her and the team leader began heading towards the kitchen exit again.

“I promise.” Jake said loud enough making sure Oceana heard. She didn’t stop but, she gave a thumbs up as an agreement as she walked out of sight and the sound of padded footsteps echoed in his ears.


“So what’s the plan?” Stone stepped in Oceana’s path blocking her way into her room.

“I’m guessing she probably hasn’t gone far. So she might be hiding somewhere where no-one can find her.”

“Like somewhere underground?” Stone questioned.

“Correct. Like they taught us. Sewer systems are a great place or abandoned houses or vacant places that haven’t been used in ages.”

“When we are near to her, we will know.” Stone stepped aside and stopped blocking her access into the room, she stepped in and stopped by the bed frame.

“I guess the one good thing that comes from having alien DNA in our system is that when another one is close we get a vibe.” Oceana said.

“I wonder who the first aid items are for? Chelsie didn’t look hurt to me…” Stone went and spread himself across the bed looking up at the perfectly coated ceiling.

Who was driving the crashed Machine?” Oceana asked.


“I think maybe Chelsie found Damien and he might be badly hurt. That’s why she broke into the store. If that’s the case we have to hurry, Stone.”

“Well enough talking then, get ready quick and meet me downstairs!” Stone said as he scrambled off the bed, he left the room and closed the door behind him giving Oceana her privacy. She heard Stone’s bedroom door shut loudly behind him.

“I just hope you are okay, Damien…if anything happened to you…I would never forgive myself…this is all my fault!” Her bottom lip quivered as she bit onto it trying to stop the tears from escaping her…

Well that is chapter 5. What do you think?

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