Feeling the love?


So how is everyone these days?

Today was a strange day. Normally I avoid listening to songs that speak of love, I don’t know why this is? Maybe it is because I have given up on the idea of love? Well anyway, whatever it is, that brick wall decided to surrender today. It crumbled away and showed cobwebs surrounding the heart that I had locked away so tightly for a year and bit.

This all happened after listening to this artist called Framing Hanley! These songs invoked something within me, especially the songs ‘You’ and ‘Fool With Dreams’.

This song does something to me every time I hear it. The lyrics just seem to pluck away at the heart strings.

“For you
‘Cause I don’t want to lose you

I was thinking about telling you
I was in love
I was in love with you
With you
With you
I’m in love with you”

The singers voice is amazing and accompanied by the acoustic guitar makes this song a beautiful one.

“I’m a fool with dreams and not a lot of things
I swear that I will be all you need, don’t give up on me
Give me one more day, don’t give this all away
We’ll be fine you’ll see, just don’t give up on me”

“I’ve got the feeling that this will never cease
Living in these pictures
It never comes with ease
I swear that if I could make this right
You’d be back by now”

These three songs are just beautiful and meaningful and I’m in love with them. I know that ‘Alone in This Bed’ is quite a sad song as it’s about missing someone but, I’ll be honest I think these three songs are worthy of Songs of the Day. What do you think?


4 responses to “Feeling the love?

    • lol I don’t think any normal guy would sing these songs to me, as they will probably not listen to it in the first place. I guess if he was into this group then yes, he would probably sing this for me. Well lets see what happens!

      But yeah it would make me a lucky girl hehe.

    • Hi dear!
      How are you?
      Don’t worry the comments are safe and sound they are waiting for me to remove the word pending from them hehe. I just got to approve them. That is strange that has never happened before? Has that happened to you before?

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