Song of the Day: Roko Na Mujhe – Sifar

This is going to show a different side of me, I believe, as I tend to hide quite a bit of myself a lot of the time. I’ve only been adding English songs as Song of the Day’s, but I also have another side to me. The side that listens Indian music. The only two people that know that I listen to Indian music is obviously my mum and brother and possibly one friend. So I’ve decided to reveal this side of me, today!

So yesterday I was going through the music I have on my laptop and I realised I didn’t give this Indian rock band much of a listen when I first got hold of the EP; because my brother didn’t like it much. But yesterday while I was working on writing my friends content pages for his website, I truly sat down and really took in the EP.

I must admit that I do like their style! It is quite addictive to listen to especially this one track ‘Roko Na Mujhe’. After hearing it just a few times yesterday I got the lyrics stuck in my head!

I know I can’t speak Hindi, but I understand it. Well the truth is that every time I try and speak it feels like the words are stuck and I stammer a lot and then I give up. When I was India it helped as I was forced to speak to communicate with my relatives.

Well anyway enough of my chatter; I hope you guys enjoy it too! 🙂

Artist: Sifar

Song: Roko Na Mujhe

Oh and if you know any other Indian rock bands share some down here, please. I’ll listen to anything even the heavier stuff! 🙂 Thank you!


6 responses to “Song of the Day: Roko Na Mujhe – Sifar

    • Well from what I understand some of the lyrics talk about: Where will I be? stopping him from going his own way.That he is only following what he has been taught. Let me touch the sky. I scream in silence.

      I think that is the gist of the information I can provide. I mean there are words I haven’t heard or know hehe. Still I know basic I think lol.

      Now looking at that translation I feel that is me sometimes.

    • I’m sorry for disappearing, actually I’ve been busy working for a friend to write his content pages for his site and I just hadn’t had the time to do my own things. That’s the reason for not coming on, his work has been taking over. Today I thought I’d have a break and come back. I do apologise.

  1. Glad that you liked Roko Na. One of the earliest releases by Sifar. The song talks about inner demons that stop you from being yourselves. Could represent a father figure, a teacher or an overbearing friend.

    Do try some of the other songs of sifar at . Hope you find some more of your liking.


    • Hi!
      Thank you for your comment! 🙂
      I really liked this song because I kind of felt a connection to it especially, like you said, the inner demons that stop us from being ourselves.

      Thanks for the link, I’ll definitely check it out!

      Thank you 🙂

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