Stuck in the Middle!

Recently I’ve been giving a lot of my time in helping a friend for his project. I volunteered because I was looking to get some experience in writing professionally so that maybe one day I could try and do freelance writing. I also volunteered because I wanted too, and get a small portfolio together.

At first I was really enjoying it…but then the enthusiasm slowly began to fade. My mind is going stale and repeating everything over and over again. I’ve still got around eighteen more pages to write!

I think I’ve run out of steam and motivation.

In all of this I found that I didn’t get any time to do my creative writing as by the end of the day I’d feel so sleepy all I want to do is sleep! It is the creative writing that keeps me grounded and if I don’t do it, I start to feel stressed. This is what is happening now. Because writing stories is my escape I feel I haven’t managed to escape from reality and reality is catching up to me.

Also, now I have to help another friend with proofreading. It turns out I have too much on my plate and little time to do it in. I only have till 2pm to myself and most of it is taken by everything else except my stuff. Today I felt the pressure I was stuck in choosing what to do and I lost it and ended up having an outburst!

I love to help friends when I can and it seems like I love to keep giving and giving all the time. But why? Why can’t I never refuse once in a while?

In the end I decided I’m going to have a break and over the weekend I’m going to focus on my creative writing instead. The writing that makes me feel good and happy inside.

So if you ever wondered why I come on and vanish every time it’s because I’ve been busy with my friends project. For this I apologize for the on and off appearances that I make.

8 responses to “Stuck in the Middle!

  1. if you are working on a project and are feeling that you are repeating yourself you can let your imagination run wild. you can simply do fun things- like googling some of the stuffs you plan to write on, for example its a story on wildlife, just spend fifteen minutes on internet and google, watch the images available and expand your imagination, if you read incidents that may leave imprint on your work but in case of images the imagination will be yours.

    • Yeah I just feel I keep repeating the same thing over and over again. The thing is it is about software development and it is something that I don’t know off or have an interest in to be honest.
      If it was about wildlife I would do exactly what you said, but with software development there isn’t anything like that to look at.
      But I have been looking at google images for my own writing though hehe.

  2. Good to hear from you again. I find that doing a lot of something creative can really drain you. It’s good to take a break to recharge your batteries. I hope you can get some good rest on the weekend.

    • Yeah I really did feel drained during that time, but I am glad that I took the weekend as it really did recharge me as I managed to do my own writing 🙂

      The work that I was doing for my friend wasn’t exactly creative it was writing professional style web pages for software development hehe.

      But now, I think he is upset with me because I didn’t submit over the weekend.

    • I am returned all brand new and fresh hehe!

      I have finished chapter 6 just need to fine tune it and it will be ready for upload by the weekend.

      Have you ever watched a TV show called ‘Primeval’ by any chance? An idea for a fan fiction has come into my mind. I was thinking I’d write it for you hehe

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