What is it? – Chapter 6

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I know it has been a while since I uploaded another chapter. However, the wait is finally over. Here is chapter 6, and I hope you enjoy it!

What is it? – Chapter 6

The constant ringing echoed through her ears, loud and deafening. She pressed her palms against her ears as she shut her eyes tightly.

“I have to help Damien.” a voice said with unbreakable determination in her mind. She became less tensed and straightened herself up. She began to notice a fierce energy arising inside her. Her eyes were filled with tenacity that she had to continue down this road.

One of the guards came at her from the left and she promptly put her hand in the air to stop him, she raised it just above her shoulders and the guard was elevated off the ground, she brought her hand towards her when she shoved it out in front of her again, sending the guard flying to the far wall. The guard was knocked out cold. One more guard approached her from the right, she grasped hold of the baton he was ready to strike her with, and side kicked him in the abdomen as he collided into a heavy shelving unit. The last guard stood there shaking in his boots, he gulped as they both stared intently at each other. Chelsie smirked and charged towards him, she ran across the wall and clenched her fist and when she leaped off the wall the fist met the guards face and sent him scraping against the smooth floor. She landed gracefully on her feet.

“Sorry about this, I had no choice.” She said as she shrugged her shoulders.

She then whizzed about the shop, the alarm still blaring out loud so the whole neighbourhood could hear it. When she got some food and first aid items she ran out of the shop, hugging the items close to her.

“I have to help Damien.” The voice said again, but with urgency this time…


Chelsie sat on the messy carpeted floor. Papers and books were littered all over the place, dust particles floated happily in the air as the sun shined through the broken blinds, cobwebs seem to be the only residents of this small house in the middle of no-where. Chelsie was observing Damien who was lying on the sofa, that sofa looked like a wild animal clawed it to shreds. She decided to kneel beside him as she stroked his hair.

“You are going to be okay, brother. I’m going to make everything okay again.” Her right hand went down to grab the antiseptic cream when she felt another hand gripping her other wrist firmly almost cutting off her blood supply. She turned around to see Damien was awake and trying hard to hide the discomfort he was feeling.

“No. That stuff won’t work…I need you to heal me completely, Chelsie!” He said through tensed jaws, trying to conceal his suffering.

“No. I – I – I can’t…You know what this does to me, Damien!” Chelsie was scared and it was clear that she feared her own abilities.

“The first aid isn’t going to make me any better!” He raised his voice. Chelsie could sense his dread. Her biometric system noted that his injuries were severe and his heart beat is slowing down. Damien begged, “please Chelsie…” he said as he fainted again.

The situation was critical, eventually Damien would die. She removed her apprehension and decided to face it directly. She continued to kneel on the ground, she allowed her hands to rise and hang above her brothers body as she inhaled and exhaled slowly; she closed her eyes. Suddenly, a red light, that emanated from her hands, completely engulfed his body. After a while the light turned to an orange colour. She was thoroughly focused on healing her brother when suddenly blood began to drip slowly from her nostrils, and her body began to shudder violently as if having a fit. Pain had overtook her calm expression. She took another deep breath. The light was mixed between light orange and light green. The pain was overpowering her taking away her concentration.

Under the bright green light, Damien’s eyes shot wide open and saw his sister collapse onto the floor.

“Chelsie!” He abruptly sat up and ended up with a dizzy spell. His head slowly met his hands and waited for the dizzy spell to end its course. When he was feeling normal; he slid off the sofa and crawled to his sister’s side. He managed to get her to sit up a little as her head lolled just below his shoulders. He gently tapped the side of her face trying to bring her back to consciousness.

Damien noticed the blood dribbling down from her nose to her mouth and sliding down her chin staining her skin; he quickly grabbed his black t-shirt and used it to wipe the blood away. Suddenly Chelsie shifted and Damien let out a sigh of relief. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and smiled when she saw her brother fit and fine once more.

“You’re okay now.” She continued to smile.

Damien evaded her gaze. He turned away and shut his eyes trying to hide his shame, for asking his own sister to almost risk her life to save his, because he couldn’t handle the pain any more. “Yeah, I’m all good…thanks to you, sis.” He opened his eyes and they were glistening with the tears that lingered waiting for a signal to fall, “Thank you.” He said.

Chelsie continued to gaze up and saw that a single tear drop had escaped from her brother’s eyes. With a single fingertip she gently wiped it away.

“I never knew you had an emotional side.” She half giggled still weak.

At last Damien smiled. After being abducted by aliens, that look like humans, he had forgotten what smiling felt like or what it even meant any more. He had become cold.

“That was a tear of happiness, stupid!” he gave a half laugh, “I’m just glad you’re okay!”


After long hours of sleep, both brother and sister, awoke from their nap. Chelsie had fully recovered and Damien was healed and strong again!

“Do you think we will ever find the other’s?” Chelsie asked as she sat up on the torn sofa in deep thought. Damien on the other hand sat relaxed on an old fashioned rocking chair. He was rocking back and forth with his eyes closed.

The chair stopped swaying and Damien opened his eyes and looked directly at his sister, “I’m not sure. We are separated from each other and the chances of finding one another…I don’t know what to tell you. Never been in this situation before to be honest.”

“Maybe, we can send out a signal.” Chelsie said.

“It’s too risky. It could mean our exposure.” Damien stood up and headed over to the broken blinds and took a quick glance through the window to check their surroundings. Trying to see if there was any activity happening outside.

“How about, we give a sign that only our unit knows about. That way when they see it they can find our location.” Her eyes gleamed with a sudden hope, “we won’t have to feel alone or isolated any more. We would be around people we know and trust.”

“There’s one problem with that idea. What if they sent back ‘others’ to track us down. They know everything there is to know about each and everyone of us! Sending out a sign, is equivalent of inviting the devil to dinner.” Damien let out a heavy sigh and then sauntered over to his little sister and took her hand.

“We have each other, Chelsie. That is what counts right now.” He smiled at her. A smile that said that he was glad to be here with his sister and it was the happiest he had felt in a very long time.

All of a sudden, Damien froze and so did Chelsie. They stared at each other alarmed. A vibrating shiver ran through their bodies, it was like a chill running down their spine but a bit more intense.

“Who do you think it is? Friend or foe?” Chelsie’s voice was shaky unable to hide the fear that was crawling its way into the pit of her stomach.

“I don’t have a clue. But, it seems we’ve been found.”

 To Be Continued…

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    • Actually, I’m not sure whether it is a friend or foe either lol. Well let’s see what I come out with! Thank you for staying with this story, dear. Your comments keep me writing! 🙂

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