Status Update

Hi my dear bloggers!

How are you guys?

I know I haven’t been updating my blog since 12th April, but I have been working hard while away. This is just a little note to say that the latest chapter in the What is it? story is just being rewritten and edited. Once it has been edited I’ll upload it.

Also a new story is on the way.

I’m still working on my Camp NaNo story as well.

Sorry for being away for so long!


16 responses to “Status Update

    • Hi! 🙂
      Yeah I am doing well too.
      Oh yes the story, it is almost ready for uploading, so maybe by the end of the weekend! 🙂
      I’ll also aim to get the other one uploaded by the weekend too 🙂

      • Hmm, well I got a story accepted to a magazine. Besides that, I’m still just writing away at my stories for the blog. Getting ready to start another edit on one of my novels. Did you get all your work done for that person?

      • Oh wow congratulations for the story getting accepted for a magazine! 🙂
        Can I ask you a question? How many edits do you do before you hand it over for publishing? Because you mentioned that you are doing another edit on another novel.
        For now I have done the work for him as much as I could.

      • For novels I usually do about 6, although to be fair, I’ve only totally finished one novel so far. The new edit I want to start will be the 4th for that novel.

      • So for each one you do about 6 edits? That is a lot of edits!
        So how many novels are you working on at the moment? Are you finishing off the draft in NaNo 2012 as well? Or are you leaving that one alone for now? You know I actually followed your advice about leaving my draft of that vampire story that I did in NaNo 2012, now I think I want to restart it again, since it has been months.

      • I like leaving a draft for a few months and then going back and reading it again. Usually, I like it a lot more than I did when I was working on it originally. At the moment, I have 4 novels I’m going to work on at some point: two are rough drafts, including last year’s Nano. The other two have had a lot of work done on them and are almost finished, relatively. I think 3 edits are the base minimum, although I’ve heard of authors who do 10-12. For me, it takes 5-6 to get everything perfect. The first is to get the story on paper; the second is to work out all the major problems (hopefully); the 3rd is to fix all the minor problems and start polishing, and after that, it’s just moving things around, strengthening parts, etc. I use a lot of feedback from people who read it. Good luck on your editing. Personally, I love editing, but it can be hard sometimes.

      • When you say that you use feedback from people that read it, you use beta readers? Do send it as an email? Or have you made another blog that is private so people invited can read it?

        I guess it is better to get the edits perfect before submission as it avoids errors later on. The reason why I was asking all this is because I’m curious and I wanted to learn from someone who is much better 🙂
        Thank you David!

      • I never let anyone see my 1st drafts but I have 4-5 people (mostly family) that I send the 2nd draft to. They give me varying levels of feedback that I use to get ideas to improve the story.
        If you are submitting a story to an agent or publisher make sure it’s absolutely perfect. It’s good to get someone to proofread your work before you submit it, but don’t worry about that until all your edits are finished.

      • Oh I would never share my first draft either. I noticed mine are very terrible lol mistakes and filled with errors.

        Yeah in my family I only really have my brother that would read the stuff that I write about, but I have friends that want to read my work, when I can get the first draft done. I guess I could send via email and get feedback that way (2nd draft). So how long does it take to complete each edit? Same as the time to write it?

        I will definitely keep your advice though about getting it proofread before submission. 🙂

      • I find that the second draft might take 20-30 hours, depending on the length of the book and the number of problems. After that, it is generally less, but again, it all depends on the type of book. Sometimes, I take out whole sections and write them again later, so it’s hard to say.

      • I can see myself rewriting the entire thing again in the second draft! Because in the first draft I have just been writing the basic stuff without much detail; and I’ll be honest it isn’t that great. Well hopefully the story I am writing now is shorter!

      • It’s not bad to be ruthless with your writing sometimes. I’ve cut out as much as 15-20 page sections and rewrote them. It’s a bit heartbreaking, but if it makes the story better, that’s the main thing. Good luck with your new story. 🙂

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