What is it? – Chapter 7

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Sorry it took my a long time to upload a new chapter, it is actually a bit longer than the other chapters so it took me time to rewrite and then edit it. However, the wait is now over. I hope you enjoy this as it’s filled with action!

I think that is why it took me time to write it as I wanted it to be perfect and fit together nicely. I know the action isn’t all that good, but I enjoyed writing it.

Well anyway here is chapter 7.

What is it? Chapter 7

Damien went over to the window and took a stealthy look through the blinds, he saw one figure hiding in the shadows. The figure strode menacingly forwards and his eyes stared directly at Damien and then he came to a halt in the open space; no longer hiding behind the cover of the darkness.

Damien identified him at once. A member of his unit. He had light brown hair that had natural curls and waves; his hair was tousled as if he just woke up. His eyes were grey, but they were vacant.

“It’s Excell.” Damien said, still spying though the blinds. Chelsie sat up with excitement, she instantly ran and unbolted the door; leaving it wide open for intruders to enter. She darted towards her team-mate and wrapped her arms around him holding him tightly.

“I missed you so much Excell! I’m so happy to see you again.” Her eyes were closed trying to enjoy this reunion. She opened her eyes when she received no response. She pulled herself away only to notice he was standing still like a statue like he didn’t even register that she was there. Suddenly, he grasped hold of her arm with a firm grip and it frightened her.

“Excell…stop! You’re hurting me. What is the matter with you?” She yanked her arm free and he remained motionless. Damien came out of the house and went over to them. He sensed something was wrong! It was like Excell wasn’t there. He was a robot waiting for commands.

“Hi brother. How are you?” Damien said as he went and stood next to Chelsie. When Excell’s biometric system activated on both brother and sister it turned red flashing the words ‘threat’. Suddenly he propelled them away from him; they ended up crashing through the bricks of the house. When they landed in a pile of rubble inside the house they sat up and they were filled with dread.

Excell’s eyes were fuming with flames of anger as he approached, it wasn’t his anger, but someone else’s. “Play times over, I’m here to take you back home.”


“We’ve checked five places already and still there is no sign of them!” Stone punched the lamp-post and left a dent in the metal as he vented out his exasperation. He disliked not having results quick.

“Relax. We have one more place to check and then we can call it quits.” Oceana said.

“The abandoned house is within walking distance. We can leave the car here and walk there in two minutes!” Jake needed a break from driving, considering he has been driving the whole day, his legs felt like wobbly jelly.

“Okay that sounds like a plan.” Oceana said as she went over to Stone and tugged at his arm and pulled him away before he broke the defenseless lamp-post.

“Well follow me then.” Jake said as he lead the group in the direction of the abandoned house in the woods.


Excell stomped over to Damien and lifted him off the ground by his collar. Damien wrestled with Excell to get him to loosen his grip. He even tried placing his foot on Excell’s stomach trying to kick him away, but it was a futile effort.

Chelsie got up from the ground and with one bound landed onto Excell’s back and got him in a clenched neck hold. Excell dropped Damien and heaved Chelsie to the far wall. Damien spent the time to get his breath back.

All of a sudden, Excell wailed in torment. His hands gripping the sides of his head as the stabbing pain pulsed through his brain severely.

“Please Damien. Help me! Make it stop!” Excell’s eyes were soft like Damien remembered them to be. He shut his eyes tight and when they opened they were empty again. The pain he was suffering from was gone. Damien got up and Chelsie went to join him by his side.

“Something is undoubtedly wrong here.” Damien said. Chelsie nodded in agreement.

They scrutinized their team member and they witnessed him cry for the first time, “Damien, me and the others are being controlled by them, they planted these devices on us and…” Without warning the impassive Excell returned.

“Devices?” Damien muttered.

Excell launched himself at them and they both dodged his attack. Chelsie was annoyed and within the palms of her hands were two airy orbs the size of tennis balls and she threw them at Excell. “please forgive me brother, you left me with no choice.” The orbs turned into one huge whirlwind submerging him completely in its wrath and without notice it catapulted him out of the house with great force.

“We got a chance to escape, let’s not waste it.” She said to Damien. Damien was looking in the direction Excell traveled, watching him crash into a tree and drop down to meet the ground. He was worried for his brother’s safety because he understood he wasn’t in control of himself.

Unexpectedly another wave of the intense vibe coursed through their bodies.

“Not again.” Damien said.


The trio stopped in their tracks when they spotted something flying at a fast speed which then crash landed into a tree. Oceana and Stone took a quick sideways glance at each other.

“That was Excell.” Stone said, “I wonder who had the strength to throw him about like that?” He added.

“I think I can take a wild guess.” Oceana felt sluggish, “Can you feel that? The vibe? It’s pretty powerful!” She tried to reserve her strength as she rested up on one of the trees.

“This is not a good sign, that means that there are few more near by.” Stone’s attention was on finding the tree that Excell crashed into.

“Maybe it’s Damien and Chelsie.” Oceana said.

Stone began walking towards Excell’s direction, “you go and look for them. I’m heading over to Excell.”

Oceana accepted her orders from the team leader as she pushed herself away from the tree and ran towards the abandoned house.

Jake remained stationary and out-of-the-way. He remembered Oceana’s words to ‘stay put’ and so he waited. For some strange reason he wanted to be in the action, standing by Oceana’s side and aiding her in her mission. He liked how she cared about him, a complete stranger, she made him feel wanted after a long time of solitude. He hated doing absolutely nothing.


Oceana drew closer to the house and came to a sudden stop when she saw two familiar faces running in her direction.

“Chelsie! Damien!” She waved at them. They stopped in their tracks and appeared unsettled. Out of nowhere a red energy began to form around Damien it was wispy like flames. Slowly, the energy that enclosed him was being drained from him and drifting into the space between his hands making an energy ball. When the energy ball was fully formed he let it loose and it headed for Oceana. As it approached she side stepped it to evade it, but the ball grazed her upper arm which scorched her skin. She bit her bottom lip to suppress the scream that threatened to escape. The constant burning and sensitivity of her skin kept irritating her. Her mind was preoccupied when Damien and Chelsie took advantage of the situation and ran past her.

What is wrong with Damien? Why did he attack me? She thought as she started to run after them. She saw that they were heading straight for Jake. If they attacked her, they will certainly attack Jake; she pushed herself into a fast sprint.

“Damien! Chelsie! Stop! I’m not a threat, why are you running away from me?” She stopped and she focused her mind, she conjured up an image of an invisible barrier, and she planted it before her two team members stopping them in their tracks. They tried to push past the invisible force blocking their path; when suddenly they were lifted off the ground as if they were in space. There was no strain or tension on Oceana’s forehead or face.

“Put us down!” Chelsie cried, “You can’t force us to return!” She yelled.

“Force you to return? What is the matter with you two? Why did you attack me?” Oceana was puzzled by their strange behaviour.

“You got attacked because you and the others want to take us back to that hell hole!” Damien shouted.

“I wasn’t going to take you back there!” She said, “I came looking for you two so we can get our group together and stay together. Who gave that absurd idea anyway?” Oceana felt disgruntled and the constant stinging by the burn wasn’t helping the situation either, she placed a hand over the wound and when she moved her hand away, it was back to normal.

“Excell attacked us. He wasn’t himself. He managed to tell us that the rest of the team cannot be trusted as the aliens are controlling them through a device.” Chelsie said.

“Devices?” Oceana didn’t like what she was hearing, “I’m going to bring you down now. The moment you decide to run away or attack me again, you’re going straight back up there! Understood?” Both siblings nodded in agreement.

Eventually their feet touched the ground.

“So who else is with you?” Damien asked as he and Chelsie walked over to their second in command.

Oceana walked off and they followed behind her, “Just me and Stone.” She answered.

Chelsie came to a standstill as her eyes zoomed in on someone in the distance pacing back and forth, she ran up to Oceana and tapped her on the shoulder, “Who is that guy?” Chelsie pointed at Jake.

Damien eyes also landed on Jake who seemed impatient, “Who is he? Never seen him before on our team.” He noted whilst eyeing him suspiciously.

“Of course he isn’t on our team. I met him just yesterday. He is a friend who is taking me and Stone in. His name is Jake Porter.” Oceana announced with a smile. She turned to look behind her and she saw the astonishment on their faces. The smile didn’t leave her face as she continued on her way forwards.

Once she reached Jake he had his back facing her. She tapped him on the back and he twirled around quick and their eyes met. He lifted his gaze from her and looked behind her and caught sight of his younger siblings, Chelsie and Damien, walking out of the woods. His smile stretched wide and he threw his arms around Oceana and embraced her gently and lovingly. He whispered into her ears, “Thank you for bringing both brother and sister back to me.” He continued to hug her. Oceana suddenly experienced something strange deep within. An unusual sensation that she had never noticed before, it felt like butterflies fluttering in her gut, fluttering like crazy. She closed her eyes as she wanted to enjoy this moment. She was content.

Eventually Jake drew away from her and they attempted to hide their stealing glances from each other.

Damien and Chelsie observed Jake with twinkling eyes showing the hope of more normal things to come. They respected their older brother even before they were taken. They couldn’t believe how wonderful he turned out to be. He looked just like their father. They smiled at each other and then decided it was best to hold the emotions back. This wasn’t the right place for a family reunion.

Both siblings were uneasy when they caught sight of Stone supporting Excell as he limped towards them. They all noticed that Stone was carrying a flat, square-shaped device in his hand, and Excell’s eyes were soft like they’re supposed to be. Oceana sauntered over to her brother and embraced him. She couldn’t control the happiness that was growing within her.

“I’m so sorry.” Excell said as his eyes were firmly on the ground, his bottom lip was trembling as he fought to conceal his tearful emotions, right now he despised himself for what he had done.

“It’s okay, you weren’t yourself.” Oceana said, as the silence began to settle around them.

“Let’s go home and we can all catch up there.” Stone suggested breaking the silence, “it was a really long day!” he added.

“I couldn’t agree more. Come on then.” Jake said as he began leading the rest of the group towards his car. He was thankful he brought his big car with him!

So what did you guy’s think? Was it good? Bad? Terrible? You are welcome to leave your suggestions/tips/or general comments in the comment box. I would love to hear what you have to say 🙂

Thank you for reading!


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