5 Word Writing Challenge: The Gnome Wars!

I found an article from my writing magazine subscription and it gave me an idea to keep my creativity inspired. Basically, all I had to do is go through my dictionary and pick 5 random words and then write a little story with those 5 words in the story.

Here are the 5 words I randomly chose:

  • Overboard
  • Foster
  • Making
  • Self-imposed
  • Bossy

I got truly inspired after watching this funny ikea advert to do with gnomes. You can see the advertisement for yourself as it helped me with the 100 word story I’ve written:

Here is my 100 word story:

He was the gnome leader, a fierce warrior. For a leader he was very bossy, commanding his minions to serve him. They shared the garden with the evil humans and their unbreakable tall castles.

When he gave the powerful speech, he fostered his minions with passion for revenge for being tossed aside and considered useless. All his decisions were self-imposed. He was thinking about making history, the little gnomes defeat the unbeatable powerful humans!

His followers quivered at the thought of war, but still they decided to follow him; even though they all thought he was about to go overboard…

I really love the tune in the advert as it really went well with the scenes and made it really dramatic!

Here’s an idea, lets see what you come out with by using the 5 words I’ve used. I would love to read what you come out with 🙂 You can even link back to me if you wanted to and then I can read it that way.

Good Luck!


9 responses to “5 Word Writing Challenge: The Gnome Wars!

    • Thank you so much! 🙂
      It makes me happy to know that you enjoyed it!
      I would have written more, but I had restricted myself to 100 words lol.
      If you want I can write it properly a bit more in depth? If it’s something you are interested in? 🙂

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