Alien veins and birthday dinner!

Today was a bit bizarre. This morning I had a blood test appointment, as something appeared up on my previous test that might have been a glitch. So I went there, sat around waiting for 10 minutes, and I saw this most cute looking baby, and she was very happy one too. She was trying to talk and I couldn’t help but smile as it was really adorable.

After 10 minutes I get called in by the nurse, and she starts to hunt for a vein she can take blood from. Nothing appeared on my left arm, so she tried the right and she thought she found it, instead she made me bleed! No vein. So then she goes back to the other arm and starts to hunt for another vein, she finds one, but still nothing comes out. By the end of it, she gives up, patches both my arms and tells me to go to the local hospital that know how to find ‘stubborn’ veins as they do it everyday.

Although we did have a decent conversation during her attempt to take my blood, but what a complete waste of time, it was half an hour of my life I couldn’t get back. So now I got to find a day to go to the hospital so they can prick me some more đŸ˜¦

Sometimes I feel like an alien…

Well anyway, today I did something I normally wouldn’t do, that was to cook dinner. I know how to cook, but just never really attempted until tonight. I wanted to give my mother a really personal gift today as it was her birthday. She wanted a home cooked meal and I said “I’ll do it, I’ll cook.”. I asked her for her guidance, as I wasn’t sure about the spices and herbs that she likes as she likes to have a lot of Indian spices, but she still tried to cook it for me. Eventually I told her, you can stand and watch and tell me, but you are not cooking.

I was getting this kind of feeling that maybe it wouldn’t turn out nice, I always self doubt myself when it comes to cooking, as usual whatever I cook comes out burnt or absolutely horrible. To my surprise, both members of my family were satisfied and asked for a second plate, me included. Even though they praised me for my cooking, I didn’t feel proud…I know strange right…when you do something good you are supposed to feel good about it, right?

Another Year…

Happy Birthday!!

Yep, today is the day I’ve turned 26! Yet at the same time, I just feel today is like any other day…

Before, knowing that my birthday was coming up used to make me feel so happy inside, but on this particular day not so much. When I checked my emails this morning and saw all my friends and family posting on my wall on facebook, wishing me a very good happy birthday, that same old day feeling vanished.