A perfect gift idea refused :(

Today I was sitting at my laptop planning my story, and my gaze went to the TV, and saw that there were these kids who were playing music instruments; and my mum saw my curiosity.

She just came out and said, “Do you want to learn to play these types of instruments?”

And I told her, “Yes, but an acoustic guitar!”

She started to wonder how will I learn to play that. I told her there were many ways I can learn, either by paid tuition, learning from web, or if I bought from Argos store, then it provides a video to teach you how to play.

After a while, I just realized that I was getting my hopes up way too high. I mean my mum would go and gladly buy the guitar for me, but the problem is always me. Will I actually learn to play? Or will it sit in the corner and gain dust? But then a part of me thinks that I am a musical type of girl, and music always helps to keep me calm, maybe if I did get a guitar and actually practiced it can help to let my creativity flow through.

As a kid I had fun learning to play the keyboard, but then as an adult, since I have an issue with space, I got a folded keyboard/piano. I just gave up with that as sometimes the keys would not press down and make a sound. So why play if when you touch a key it does not make a sound; like it should? Every time I played a piece it did not sound right because the key would not make the sound đŸ˜¦ it was just annoying!

Do you think I should reconsider and say to my mum that I want an acoustic guitar, and that I will practice properly?