The Beginning of the End

So this is my first short story on here. It is called “The Beginning of the End”. This was originally from a story that  I was writing. But then I thought this little segment would be great on its own. It is a bit of a dark story as it involves death, or should I say an attempt, but really it isn’t…ok I’ll just let you read it, and you’ll understand what I mean.

The Beginning of the End:

Short Story by: Manvinder Jagdev

Copyright © 2012 – 2013, by Manvinder Jagdev, All Rights Reserved

The wind blew furiously at my face trying to push me away from meeting a devastating death. I stood at the edge of the cliff, arms stretched out wide, ready to embrace heaven.

My eyes being closed for so long, made my eyes water, it seemed I had cried an entire ocean already. My cheeks were numb, sore and cold by the violent wind which constantly tried to force me away from the precipice. I could feel the mascara around my eyes drying and sticking to my delicate flesh. Finally I had the courage to open my eyes. I glanced at the sight before me, the black ocean seemed to summon me, want me, want me like the devil wanted its victims.

I startled. A few stones tumbled down from such a great height that only a minute later it made impact. My eyes stunned, I re-closed them, shut them tightly, and tried to inhale and exhale slowly. I readied myself, I tensed my muscles, bent my knees slightly and that’s when I let myself fly out like a young bird. My body flat against the air.

My body fell downwards, the black ocean getting nearer, I screamed as the adrenaline pulsed through my body like a drug.

Suddenly, something caught hold of my ankle and I’m dangling upside down. I gasped for air trying hard to breathe. All of a sudden I was being pulled up by sheer strength, but I was saved somehow.

I was embarrassed by my decision.

Eventually I was pulled up and safely nestled into somebody’s chest, their chilling arms wrapped around my fragile frame. He smelled like musk and its strong odour wafted up my nose. I pulled my head away from his built chest and glimpsed at his face. It was pale. That was the only word that came to mind to describe him.

“Why do you want to die?” he said soothingly trying to sound supportive and caring.

I closed my eyes, but felt the tears wanting to erupt. My bottom lip quivered.

“I’m dying…” I told him, “I only got a few days left. Why should I prolong my suffering? When I can just end it now” I began to cry.

He pulled me away from him, cupped his hands on my tender cheeks and held my gaze. He had the most beautiful green eyes, just like the jade stone in my pendent.

“If you want to die,” he bent forward and whispered into my ears, “I can show you death.” He added.

My eyes widened with fear from his words, I still felt that I wanted to die, but something within his manner of saying it suggested a darker meaning.

“It will hurt, but afterwards you’ll be pain-free forever and a whole new beginning.” He said.

“Forever. And a whole new beginning..” I repeated.

“Yes. Forever. No more pain and no more illness. Just eternity.” He spoke slowly and gently.

“Eternity? What do you mean by that?” I tried not to sound too alarmed, but in some way, I knew my voice betrayed me.

“You will live forever. Are you scared?”

“No, but confused.”

“You will find out soon enough.” He said. But then he held out his hand, “Take my hand then. I shall show you true death.”

I took his hand and I was enticed by him that I found myself back in his arms again, I could feel the warmth of his cool breath tickling the hairs on my neck. My heart was pounding way out of control. His soft lips brushed against my neck, sending a strange shudder down my spine.

Without warning I felt a sharp pain that stung deep into my neck. Two fangs pierced into my flesh, I felt my blood leaving my body. I felt my entire life force being drained. I began to feel giddy within the confines of his muscular arms. My body began to limp, my heart beat almost non-existent. Eventually it all stopped. I was lifeless…

The negativity of the dream jolted me awake from my sleep. Sweat stuck to me as if I just bathed but haven’t dried myself yet. I was panting, finding it difficult to breathe.

I glanced towards the bedside table and noticed the display on my clock read 2:30am.

The fear bubbled up inside of me; I brought my knees close and hugged them, while my mind seemed to have run off on a trail of thought.

Why would I want to die? My life might be simple, but I feel proud of my existence and all the good things in my life.

Thinking about it just made things worse so I decided to shift my attention back to sleep. As I turned to my left I noticed something strange near my wardrobe. A young man standing right next to the wardrobe shrouded by the darkness of the night. Two green eyes the colour of jade stone shone brightly, the outline of the figure was exactly the same as the boy from my dream. I looked on, an attraction was luring me towards him as if I was hypnotised; but all of a sudden the figure vanished from sight.

Was that an illusion? Or was that me dreaming? I left it to tiredness, I closed my eyes hoping to sleep till 7:30am.

So there you have it! In the longer length version of this story, she is supposed to meet this guy with beautiful green eyes the next morning in school! But I thought how in this version it kind of gave it some mystery.