What is it? – Chapter 8

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What is it? Chapter 8

Damien stood alone in the living room, looking at the photographs that sat proudly on the mantelpiece. He picked up the family photo and held it firmly in his hands. He allowed his fingertips to brush the glass trying to remember this day. He burst into tears and hugged the photo close to his chest.

He felt a hand land on his shoulder as he put the photo back from where he took it, and took a sideways glance and saw it was Jake.

Damien remained silent, looking abashed that his elder brother saw him crying. Jake stepped closer and hugged his brother. Damien was insecure, his defences were down, but he automatically embraced Jake.

“I’ve been waiting for so long to be reunited with my family again. I missed you all so much!” Jake said.

Damien didn’t say anything back in response. He just wanted to savour this moment.

“Ahem!” The two boys startled and stood apart from one another, Damien wiped his face clean from the tears, “am I missing a family reunion?” Chelsie said with her hands on her hips, now sulking.

“A family reunion wouldn’t be complete without you. Get over here!” Jake ushered her over and Damien smiled.

Chelsie’s face lit up like one hundred LED light bulbs and she skipped over to them happily, “Group hug time!” and she threw her arms around their shoulders squeezing them tight. Jake felt like he was getting squished by a bear!

“It seems my little sister has the strength of ten men in her!”

Damien chuckled, “You’ll get used to it.”

Chelsie stepped away with sheepish smile as she apologized, “Sorry, I guess I don’t really know how strong I can be.”

“It’s okay!” From the display of strength, Jake now knew his sister was capable of looking out for herself.

Oceana and the other’s came into the room looking half asleep, “Good Morning!” Stone yawned, “sorry, sharing a bed with Damien is an equivalent of having night terrors!”

Damien scowled, but then a playful grin spread across his lips. This was the perfect opportunity to have fun with the team leader!

“Let me guess, constant tossing and turning, kicking his right leg out, putting his smelly feet in your face, taking the duvet all for himself and you’re almost falling off the bed. Am I right?” Jake asked.

“Yes, and let me tell you, this is my first encounter with someone who sleeps, but doesn’t stay still whilst sleeping!” Everyone burst into a fit of laughter as they went to the kitchen.

They all went and huddled around each other in the kitchen, as they searched for food to eat. They sat on the stools around the kitchen counter top when their eyes landed on the small device.

“What are we going to do about this device? Hey, I have an idea, how about we smash it to pieces!” Chelsie sounded thrilled at the idea of destroying alien technology.

“We won’t learn anything about it if we smash it to smithereens.” Stone said.

Without warning the device lit up, with blue lights that flashed on and off, all up and around the device, it began to shake and rattled against the marble counter top. They all moved in closer observing it when they registered that it had begun to morph as it took the shape of liquid metal like mercury. When it transformed, it was a live mechanical bug. It had the ability to fasten onto its prey. It sprung out its wings and began to take flight.

“Run NOW! If this thing gets hold of you, it will give the aliens the ability to control you.” Excell darted off, “RUN!” he repeated and everyone else in the room ran into different directions.

Chelsie stood there and scanned it with her biometric system, but it returned no results, this was a fairly new invention. She wasn’t afraid as it carried on hovering above her, but when it swooped down towards her at speed, she ran like her life depended on it. She caught sight of the baseball bat near the front door and she grasped hold of it. She spun around and whacked the bug with force, making it crash into the wall. It tried to take off again, but Chelsie proceeded with her attack until sparks began to spit out; in every way destroying the system’s core.

Chelsie was breathless. she threw the baseball bat away from her and she tidily placed her loose hair that escaped from her pony tail behind her ears.

“Remind me to never get on your bad side.” Jake was thunderstruck.

“This takes care of one problem at least!” Excell was glad. He remembered when the aliens allowed it to attach itself to the base of his neck and the pain that he had experienced was excruciating!

“There is one more thing we need to do. Find my parents.” Oceana wanted answers. She needed to find the secret that the aliens are trying so hard to hide. She wanted to know why this secret is worth killing her for. She despised the aliens right now, how they manipulated human kind to do their cruel bidding!

“If you tell me your parents names and the area where you used to live, I can ask my friend in the police for one small favour.” Jake winked.

“Thank you,” Oceana said, “I was born and raised in Canterbury. My father’s name is Raymond Davidson and my mother’s is Danielle Davidson.”


It had been hours since Oceana had given him the details he needed; he called his friend from the police and politely demanded him to find out the information. After a lot of “sorry I can’t help you” type sentences, he gave up against Jake’s stubbornness.

Eventually the phone rang and it was his friend. He was rapid in answering the call and listened intently; during the conversation his eyes were downcast; hiding them away.

“Thank you, Brad.” He disconnected the call. He felt a wave of sympathy; as there was good news and bad news. Jake went into the living room and found everyone sitting close together on the seats watching a game of football. Stone spotted him standing behind them, lost in deep thoughts; he switched of the TV and the room fell silent.

“I take it that you heard back from Brad. What did he say?” Stone asked. Oceana stood up, her eyes contained a faint glimmer in them.

“There is good news. And there is bad news. Which would you prefer to hear first?”

She reflected on this for a few moments, when she finally decided to speak, “The bad news.”

“I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but, Raymond Davidson died a few years back due to an accident.” Jake felt like a bearer of bad news.

“And the good news?”

“Danielle Davidson, still lives at the Canterbury address.” He said with a small smile.

She smiled, but the sadness lurked in the background, “You have done so much for us. I don’t know how to repay you.” She said. Jake had noticed she had a dismal expression, he disliked seeing her unhappy, he liked it when she smiled because that was what he loved about her…her smile!

“Don’t worry about it. It’s what friends…are for.” He said. Deep down inside he knew the attraction between them was a bit more than friendship. There was a spark!

“Can we go and see my mum, tomorrow?” She asked. He could hear the restraint in her voice, it sounded teary. She wanted to be alone to cry alone.

“Yeah, sure thing.” He gave her a smile as she turned her back on the group and went out of sight. The sound of soft footsteps going up the carpeted floor filled the air.

What is it? – Chapter 7

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What is it? Chapter 7

Damien went over to the window and took a stealthy look through the blinds, he saw one figure hiding in the shadows. The figure strode menacingly forwards and his eyes stared directly at Damien and then he came to a halt in the open space; no longer hiding behind the cover of the darkness.

Damien identified him at once. A member of his unit. He had light brown hair that had natural curls and waves; his hair was tousled as if he just woke up. His eyes were grey, but they were vacant.

“It’s Excell.” Damien said, still spying though the blinds. Chelsie sat up with excitement, she instantly ran and unbolted the door; leaving it wide open for intruders to enter. She darted towards her team-mate and wrapped her arms around him holding him tightly.

“I missed you so much Excell! I’m so happy to see you again.” Her eyes were closed trying to enjoy this reunion. She opened her eyes when she received no response. She pulled herself away only to notice he was standing still like a statue like he didn’t even register that she was there. Suddenly, he grasped hold of her arm with a firm grip and it frightened her.

“Excell…stop! You’re hurting me. What is the matter with you?” She yanked her arm free and he remained motionless. Damien came out of the house and went over to them. He sensed something was wrong! It was like Excell wasn’t there. He was a robot waiting for commands.

“Hi brother. How are you?” Damien said as he went and stood next to Chelsie. When Excell’s biometric system activated on both brother and sister it turned red flashing the words ‘threat’. Suddenly he propelled them away from him; they ended up crashing through the bricks of the house. When they landed in a pile of rubble inside the house they sat up and they were filled with dread.

Excell’s eyes were fuming with flames of anger as he approached, it wasn’t his anger, but someone else’s. “Play times over, I’m here to take you back home.”


“We’ve checked five places already and still there is no sign of them!” Stone punched the lamp-post and left a dent in the metal as he vented out his exasperation. He disliked not having results quick.

“Relax. We have one more place to check and then we can call it quits.” Oceana said.

“The abandoned house is within walking distance. We can leave the car here and walk there in two minutes!” Jake needed a break from driving, considering he has been driving the whole day, his legs felt like wobbly jelly.

“Okay that sounds like a plan.” Oceana said as she went over to Stone and tugged at his arm and pulled him away before he broke the defenseless lamp-post.

“Well follow me then.” Jake said as he lead the group in the direction of the abandoned house in the woods.


Excell stomped over to Damien and lifted him off the ground by his collar. Damien wrestled with Excell to get him to loosen his grip. He even tried placing his foot on Excell’s stomach trying to kick him away, but it was a futile effort.

Chelsie got up from the ground and with one bound landed onto Excell’s back and got him in a clenched neck hold. Excell dropped Damien and heaved Chelsie to the far wall. Damien spent the time to get his breath back.

All of a sudden, Excell wailed in torment. His hands gripping the sides of his head as the stabbing pain pulsed through his brain severely.

“Please Damien. Help me! Make it stop!” Excell’s eyes were soft like Damien remembered them to be. He shut his eyes tight and when they opened they were empty again. The pain he was suffering from was gone. Damien got up and Chelsie went to join him by his side.

“Something is undoubtedly wrong here.” Damien said. Chelsie nodded in agreement.

They scrutinized their team member and they witnessed him cry for the first time, “Damien, me and the others are being controlled by them, they planted these devices on us and…” Without warning the impassive Excell returned.

“Devices?” Damien muttered.

Excell launched himself at them and they both dodged his attack. Chelsie was annoyed and within the palms of her hands were two airy orbs the size of tennis balls and she threw them at Excell. “please forgive me brother, you left me with no choice.” The orbs turned into one huge whirlwind submerging him completely in its wrath and without notice it catapulted him out of the house with great force.

“We got a chance to escape, let’s not waste it.” She said to Damien. Damien was looking in the direction Excell traveled, watching him crash into a tree and drop down to meet the ground. He was worried for his brother’s safety because he understood he wasn’t in control of himself.

Unexpectedly another wave of the intense vibe coursed through their bodies.

“Not again.” Damien said.


The trio stopped in their tracks when they spotted something flying at a fast speed which then crash landed into a tree. Oceana and Stone took a quick sideways glance at each other.

“That was Excell.” Stone said, “I wonder who had the strength to throw him about like that?” He added.

“I think I can take a wild guess.” Oceana felt sluggish, “Can you feel that? The vibe? It’s pretty powerful!” She tried to reserve her strength as she rested up on one of the trees.

“This is not a good sign, that means that there are few more near by.” Stone’s attention was on finding the tree that Excell crashed into.

“Maybe it’s Damien and Chelsie.” Oceana said.

Stone began walking towards Excell’s direction, “you go and look for them. I’m heading over to Excell.”

Oceana accepted her orders from the team leader as she pushed herself away from the tree and ran towards the abandoned house.

Jake remained stationary and out-of-the-way. He remembered Oceana’s words to ‘stay put’ and so he waited. For some strange reason he wanted to be in the action, standing by Oceana’s side and aiding her in her mission. He liked how she cared about him, a complete stranger, she made him feel wanted after a long time of solitude. He hated doing absolutely nothing.


Oceana drew closer to the house and came to a sudden stop when she saw two familiar faces running in her direction.

“Chelsie! Damien!” She waved at them. They stopped in their tracks and appeared unsettled. Out of nowhere a red energy began to form around Damien it was wispy like flames. Slowly, the energy that enclosed him was being drained from him and drifting into the space between his hands making an energy ball. When the energy ball was fully formed he let it loose and it headed for Oceana. As it approached she side stepped it to evade it, but the ball grazed her upper arm which scorched her skin. She bit her bottom lip to suppress the scream that threatened to escape. The constant burning and sensitivity of her skin kept irritating her. Her mind was preoccupied when Damien and Chelsie took advantage of the situation and ran past her.

What is wrong with Damien? Why did he attack me? She thought as she started to run after them. She saw that they were heading straight for Jake. If they attacked her, they will certainly attack Jake; she pushed herself into a fast sprint.

“Damien! Chelsie! Stop! I’m not a threat, why are you running away from me?” She stopped and she focused her mind, she conjured up an image of an invisible barrier, and she planted it before her two team members stopping them in their tracks. They tried to push past the invisible force blocking their path; when suddenly they were lifted off the ground as if they were in space. There was no strain or tension on Oceana’s forehead or face.

“Put us down!” Chelsie cried, “You can’t force us to return!” She yelled.

“Force you to return? What is the matter with you two? Why did you attack me?” Oceana was puzzled by their strange behaviour.

“You got attacked because you and the others want to take us back to that hell hole!” Damien shouted.

“I wasn’t going to take you back there!” She said, “I came looking for you two so we can get our group together and stay together. Who gave that absurd idea anyway?” Oceana felt disgruntled and the constant stinging by the burn wasn’t helping the situation either, she placed a hand over the wound and when she moved her hand away, it was back to normal.

“Excell attacked us. He wasn’t himself. He managed to tell us that the rest of the team cannot be trusted as the aliens are controlling them through a device.” Chelsie said.

“Devices?” Oceana didn’t like what she was hearing, “I’m going to bring you down now. The moment you decide to run away or attack me again, you’re going straight back up there! Understood?” Both siblings nodded in agreement.

Eventually their feet touched the ground.

“So who else is with you?” Damien asked as he and Chelsie walked over to their second in command.

Oceana walked off and they followed behind her, “Just me and Stone.” She answered.

Chelsie came to a standstill as her eyes zoomed in on someone in the distance pacing back and forth, she ran up to Oceana and tapped her on the shoulder, “Who is that guy?” Chelsie pointed at Jake.

Damien eyes also landed on Jake who seemed impatient, “Who is he? Never seen him before on our team.” He noted whilst eyeing him suspiciously.

“Of course he isn’t on our team. I met him just yesterday. He is a friend who is taking me and Stone in. His name is Jake Porter.” Oceana announced with a smile. She turned to look behind her and she saw the astonishment on their faces. The smile didn’t leave her face as she continued on her way forwards.

Once she reached Jake he had his back facing her. She tapped him on the back and he twirled around quick and their eyes met. He lifted his gaze from her and looked behind her and caught sight of his younger siblings, Chelsie and Damien, walking out of the woods. His smile stretched wide and he threw his arms around Oceana and embraced her gently and lovingly. He whispered into her ears, “Thank you for bringing both brother and sister back to me.” He continued to hug her. Oceana suddenly experienced something strange deep within. An unusual sensation that she had never noticed before, it felt like butterflies fluttering in her gut, fluttering like crazy. She closed her eyes as she wanted to enjoy this moment. She was content.

Eventually Jake drew away from her and they attempted to hide their stealing glances from each other.

Damien and Chelsie observed Jake with twinkling eyes showing the hope of more normal things to come. They respected their older brother even before they were taken. They couldn’t believe how wonderful he turned out to be. He looked just like their father. They smiled at each other and then decided it was best to hold the emotions back. This wasn’t the right place for a family reunion.

Both siblings were uneasy when they caught sight of Stone supporting Excell as he limped towards them. They all noticed that Stone was carrying a flat, square-shaped device in his hand, and Excell’s eyes were soft like they’re supposed to be. Oceana sauntered over to her brother and embraced him. She couldn’t control the happiness that was growing within her.

“I’m so sorry.” Excell said as his eyes were firmly on the ground, his bottom lip was trembling as he fought to conceal his tearful emotions, right now he despised himself for what he had done.

“It’s okay, you weren’t yourself.” Oceana said, as the silence began to settle around them.

“Let’s go home and we can all catch up there.” Stone suggested breaking the silence, “it was a really long day!” he added.

“I couldn’t agree more. Come on then.” Jake said as he began leading the rest of the group towards his car. He was thankful he brought his big car with him!

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What is it? – Chapter 6

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What is it? – Chapter 6

The constant ringing echoed through her ears, loud and deafening. She pressed her palms against her ears as she shut her eyes tightly.

“I have to help Damien.” a voice said with unbreakable determination in her mind. She became less tensed and straightened herself up. She began to notice a fierce energy arising inside her. Her eyes were filled with tenacity that she had to continue down this road.

One of the guards came at her from the left and she promptly put her hand in the air to stop him, she raised it just above her shoulders and the guard was elevated off the ground, she brought her hand towards her when she shoved it out in front of her again, sending the guard flying to the far wall. The guard was knocked out cold. One more guard approached her from the right, she grasped hold of the baton he was ready to strike her with, and side kicked him in the abdomen as he collided into a heavy shelving unit. The last guard stood there shaking in his boots, he gulped as they both stared intently at each other. Chelsie smirked and charged towards him, she ran across the wall and clenched her fist and when she leaped off the wall the fist met the guards face and sent him scraping against the smooth floor. She landed gracefully on her feet.

“Sorry about this, I had no choice.” She said as she shrugged her shoulders.

She then whizzed about the shop, the alarm still blaring out loud so the whole neighbourhood could hear it. When she got some food and first aid items she ran out of the shop, hugging the items close to her.

“I have to help Damien.” The voice said again, but with urgency this time…


Chelsie sat on the messy carpeted floor. Papers and books were littered all over the place, dust particles floated happily in the air as the sun shined through the broken blinds, cobwebs seem to be the only residents of this small house in the middle of no-where. Chelsie was observing Damien who was lying on the sofa, that sofa looked like a wild animal clawed it to shreds. She decided to kneel beside him as she stroked his hair.

“You are going to be okay, brother. I’m going to make everything okay again.” Her right hand went down to grab the antiseptic cream when she felt another hand gripping her other wrist firmly almost cutting off her blood supply. She turned around to see Damien was awake and trying hard to hide the discomfort he was feeling.

“No. That stuff won’t work…I need you to heal me completely, Chelsie!” He said through tensed jaws, trying to conceal his suffering.

“No. I – I – I can’t…You know what this does to me, Damien!” Chelsie was scared and it was clear that she feared her own abilities.

“The first aid isn’t going to make me any better!” He raised his voice. Chelsie could sense his dread. Her biometric system noted that his injuries were severe and his heart beat is slowing down. Damien begged, “please Chelsie…” he said as he fainted again.

The situation was critical, eventually Damien would die. She removed her apprehension and decided to face it directly. She continued to kneel on the ground, she allowed her hands to rise and hang above her brothers body as she inhaled and exhaled slowly; she closed her eyes. Suddenly, a red light, that emanated from her hands, completely engulfed his body. After a while the light turned to an orange colour. She was thoroughly focused on healing her brother when suddenly blood began to drip slowly from her nostrils, and her body began to shudder violently as if having a fit. Pain had overtook her calm expression. She took another deep breath. The light was mixed between light orange and light green. The pain was overpowering her taking away her concentration.

Under the bright green light, Damien’s eyes shot wide open and saw his sister collapse onto the floor.

“Chelsie!” He abruptly sat up and ended up with a dizzy spell. His head slowly met his hands and waited for the dizzy spell to end its course. When he was feeling normal; he slid off the sofa and crawled to his sister’s side. He managed to get her to sit up a little as her head lolled just below his shoulders. He gently tapped the side of her face trying to bring her back to consciousness.

Damien noticed the blood dribbling down from her nose to her mouth and sliding down her chin staining her skin; he quickly grabbed his black t-shirt and used it to wipe the blood away. Suddenly Chelsie shifted and Damien let out a sigh of relief. Her eyes slowly fluttered open and smiled when she saw her brother fit and fine once more.

“You’re okay now.” She continued to smile.

Damien evaded her gaze. He turned away and shut his eyes trying to hide his shame, for asking his own sister to almost risk her life to save his, because he couldn’t handle the pain any more. “Yeah, I’m all good…thanks to you, sis.” He opened his eyes and they were glistening with the tears that lingered waiting for a signal to fall, “Thank you.” He said.

Chelsie continued to gaze up and saw that a single tear drop had escaped from her brother’s eyes. With a single fingertip she gently wiped it away.

“I never knew you had an emotional side.” She half giggled still weak.

At last Damien smiled. After being abducted by aliens, that look like humans, he had forgotten what smiling felt like or what it even meant any more. He had become cold.

“That was a tear of happiness, stupid!” he gave a half laugh, “I’m just glad you’re okay!”


After long hours of sleep, both brother and sister, awoke from their nap. Chelsie had fully recovered and Damien was healed and strong again!

“Do you think we will ever find the other’s?” Chelsie asked as she sat up on the torn sofa in deep thought. Damien on the other hand sat relaxed on an old fashioned rocking chair. He was rocking back and forth with his eyes closed.

The chair stopped swaying and Damien opened his eyes and looked directly at his sister, “I’m not sure. We are separated from each other and the chances of finding one another…I don’t know what to tell you. Never been in this situation before to be honest.”

“Maybe, we can send out a signal.” Chelsie said.

“It’s too risky. It could mean our exposure.” Damien stood up and headed over to the broken blinds and took a quick glance through the window to check their surroundings. Trying to see if there was any activity happening outside.

“How about, we give a sign that only our unit knows about. That way when they see it they can find our location.” Her eyes gleamed with a sudden hope, “we won’t have to feel alone or isolated any more. We would be around people we know and trust.”

“There’s one problem with that idea. What if they sent back ‘others’ to track us down. They know everything there is to know about each and everyone of us! Sending out a sign, is equivalent of inviting the devil to dinner.” Damien let out a heavy sigh and then sauntered over to his little sister and took her hand.

“We have each other, Chelsie. That is what counts right now.” He smiled at her. A smile that said that he was glad to be here with his sister and it was the happiest he had felt in a very long time.

All of a sudden, Damien froze and so did Chelsie. They stared at each other alarmed. A vibrating shiver ran through their bodies, it was like a chill running down their spine but a bit more intense.

“Who do you think it is? Friend or foe?” Chelsie’s voice was shaky unable to hide the fear that was crawling its way into the pit of her stomach.

“I don’t have a clue. But, it seems we’ve been found.”

 To Be Continued…

What is it? – Chapter 5

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Well here it is, chapter 5 in the ‘What is it?’ story!

What is it? Chapter 5

It was the following morning and the sun was beaming outside, showing its happiness as its rays flooded through every available window. Jake sat on the recliner chair with his laptop sitting on his lap. He sat with a rapt expression watching the screen as if waiting for something to surface; when unexpectedly a hand tapped him on the shoulder and someone ended up sitting next to him on the other sofa.

Jake paused the video he was engrossed in and looked up from the screen, he turned his head to the right and saw Oceana seated on the other sofa eating a Granny Smith apple.

“What are you up to?” She asked as she chewed and bit into the apple again.

“Nothing much really…just trying to locate someone from surveillance video’s.”

Oceana got up from the seat and sauntered over to the mantelpiece and picked up Jake’s family photo. A pleasant smile played across her lips as she noticed how happy they were; her fingers brushed against the glass of the photo frame. The picture was quite old, she could tell that Jake was around fourteen years old and was the eldest of the three siblings.

“How comes your family aren’t here? What happened to them?” She gingerly put the photo frame back on the shelf and headed back to the sofa. Jake’s expression had turned sorrowful.

“My family is missing…I’ve been living alone for a long time now…waiting…”

“How did they disappear?” Oceana questioned as she placed a hand on his; the skin on his hand was smooth.

“I don’t know…I wasn’t with them at the time. I was grounded because I stole £50 from my father’s wallet to buy a part to fix a motorbike secretly with my uncle Chester. They were all out at the cinema and never returned…no sightings…it is like they never existed.” Oceana felt empathetic towards Jake, she knows all to well what it’s like to be separated from loved ones; he has been alone and abandoned for a long time.

Oceana’s eyes landed on a bunch of papers that were spread over the glass table in a messy manner; when a particular drawing caught her attention. She pulled the sketch out from the mess surrounding it and gaped at it. She took a glimpse at Jake and wondered how he had a portrait of Chelsie; someone from her unit.

“Why do you have a sketch of this girl?” She asked trying to hide the shakiness in her voice but, her voice failed her.

Jake took the sketch from Oceana and gave a small smile, “I know her. She is the one I’ve been searching for all this time. My sister, Chelsie Porter. This is how she would look after all these years…”

“How can you be so sure that this is your sister?”

“I have a friend in the police and they have this software that can show you what someone would look like when older or vice versa. He sent me the sketches.” Jake replied.

Oceana took in a deep breath and suddenly felt apprehensive. She turned to face him, inside herself she was nervous, she didn’t know whether she should tell him or not. In the end she decided it was the right thing to do.

“Jake…I need to confess something,” she looked him in the eyes her will strong and unfaltering, “what I have to tell you…it is sincere and isn’t fabricated. Just promise me you won’t get angry?”

Jake was in a bit of a dither regarding the conversation; eventually he nodded his agreement and replied, “I promise.”

“I know your sister, Chelsie. She is part of my unit…” Oceana looked away from him feeling like a bearer of bad news and Jake was completely taken aback by the news.

Unexpectedly, Stone entered the room dressed in a pair of sweatpants. He ambled over to the TV and switched it on.

“Why do you two look so glum? Come on, cheer up you two.” Stone sat down beside Oceana and put his forearm on her shoulder as he stared at the two gloom filled faces. Oceana and Jake continued looking at each other with questioning eyes.

Suddenly a news bulletin appeared on the TV. The female news reporter’s voice filled the living room.

“Last night, a local store was robbed and one suspect took down all security personnel single-handedly. The suspect has been caught on the store’s CCTV footage stealing food, and first aid items. The public is being warned to not approach this suspect, she is considered dangerous.” Stone and Oceana automatically turned their attention to the screen when a picture of the suspect appeared on the TV.

“Remind you of someone we know?” Stone faced Oceana.

“Who is it?” Jake asked.

Oceana paused the bulletin on a still frame of the suspect and she gently took the portrait from Jake and sighed, “look closely at the girl on the TV screen and then look at the drawing. Notice any resemblance?”

Jake’s eyes were focused on the screen and seemed to take in every little detail of the blonde haired girl and his eyes drifted slowly away and saw the sketch. His eyes began to well up.

“It’s her…” He said as he fought back the tears. He knew if he cried now he wouldn’t be able to stop. The tears would flow like a waterfall if they wanted too.

“Me and Stone are going to find her…and bring her back with us, safe and sound.” Oceana said innocently. She and Stone both stood up together as if in sync and began to head towards the exit of the kitchen when Jake stopped them in their tracks.

“Can I come with you?” His eyes were pleading as a new hope awakened within him. A hope of a happy family reunion.

“I don’t think that is such a good idea.” Stone said.

“I think you two are going to need me. I know this place off the back of my hand; also I have transport to get us places.” Jake folded his arms he knew he had made a valid point.

“Jake, you can come with us but, where-ever we tell you to stay put…you stay put. Only me and Stone can convince your sister she isn’t under threat. The moment she sees you…she will attack you.” Oceana avoided his gaze as she said, “I don’t want to see you get hurt.” She turned away as her and the team leader began heading towards the kitchen exit again.

“I promise.” Jake said loud enough making sure Oceana heard. She didn’t stop but, she gave a thumbs up as an agreement as she walked out of sight and the sound of padded footsteps echoed in his ears.


“So what’s the plan?” Stone stepped in Oceana’s path blocking her way into her room.

“I’m guessing she probably hasn’t gone far. So she might be hiding somewhere where no-one can find her.”

“Like somewhere underground?” Stone questioned.

“Correct. Like they taught us. Sewer systems are a great place or abandoned houses or vacant places that haven’t been used in ages.”

“When we are near to her, we will know.” Stone stepped aside and stopped blocking her access into the room, she stepped in and stopped by the bed frame.

“I guess the one good thing that comes from having alien DNA in our system is that when another one is close we get a vibe.” Oceana said.

“I wonder who the first aid items are for? Chelsie didn’t look hurt to me…” Stone went and spread himself across the bed looking up at the perfectly coated ceiling.

Who was driving the crashed Machine?” Oceana asked.


“I think maybe Chelsie found Damien and he might be badly hurt. That’s why she broke into the store. If that’s the case we have to hurry, Stone.”

“Well enough talking then, get ready quick and meet me downstairs!” Stone said as he scrambled off the bed, he left the room and closed the door behind him giving Oceana her privacy. She heard Stone’s bedroom door shut loudly behind him.

“I just hope you are okay, Damien…if anything happened to you…I would never forgive myself…this is all my fault!” Her bottom lip quivered as she bit onto it trying to stop the tears from escaping her…

Well that is chapter 5. What do you think?

Time to say Goodbye

The last couple of days have not been good. In fact they go from bad to worse. Well if you live in the united Kingdom you might have heard about the missing teen, Tia Sharpe. It is tragic as they found the body in the grandmother’s house, today. I really feel sorry for the family as they organised search parties around the area hoping to find her alive. I used to pray that they would find her and she would be back to her family, but it turned out different. My heart goes out to the family. R.I.P Tia Sharpe.

Also yesterday morning received a phone call from India, and the news was not good. And today this morning, found out my grandad passed away. When my mother told me this morning, I hugged her, as she lost her father. I wanted to cry. But then I realised that my mother is strong she did not cry, but I could see the sadness in her eyes. I wanted to cry, but then held it in, I guess that is one of my strong points is that I can hide my tears when I want to. But today I guess I wanted to stay strong for my mother, I didn’t want to make her cry.

The whole morning I spent moping around, but then I noticed that everyone is still moving on with their lives. So I decided to write my story, “Broken Ties” and I managed to do 4 chapters, and I was listening to Epica, Bullet for my Valentine and Delain, and some My Chemical Romance. My brother reckons that I am one of those that needs time on my own but needs to keep herself occupied, I guess he was right. But no matter what, I was still feeling sadness within myself.

A part of me just wanted to run to the one person that made me feel safe, I just wanted to message him so badly, but stopped myself. That one person knew how to put a smile on my face, just by cracking one of his jokes. But I did not want to bring him down, so I stopped myself.

Yesterday I was watching spy kid 4, and it was all about time, losing it and not being able to get it back; and how the timekeeper wanted to go back in time to be with his father, because he had lost that time by getting in the way of a time travel device and got frozen in time. After watching that, I knew something was going to happen.

And what happened this morning? I got the news, that he passed away. A part of me just wished that when I went to India in Feburary I had spent more time with him. I don’t know why, but everytime I am around elders, I stay quiet and my mouth is shut tight like a clam. I just cannot speak in front of elders much.

As you can see a very bad few days.

To top it off, I have work tomorrow morning and I really do not feel like going in, as that place drives me up the wall, it is like going to hell every Saturday morning. Oh well let’s see how behaved I can be tomorrw…