The Good Old Days

Earlier I was listening to Avril Lavigne’s album ‘Let Go’…yeah Avril lavigne. I really loved her first two albums as they really rocked! I am one of those who remembers lyrics and likes to sing along…when on my own of course, otherwise you might wonder where the screeching cat is coming from, as I really cannot sing well.

As I was listening to the songs I was surprised, as it all came back to me, the music and the lyrics, and most of all the memories I had when I first heard of Avril Lavigne. The first song I heard that made me love her was ‘Complicated’.

Me and my best friend would walk up the main road, singing Avril’s songs. And we weren’t being quiet either, we were just singing and we were happy and care free.

This was also the time when I thought wearing all black and baggy trousers and gothic t-shirts were amazing…and you know what I still do think it’s amazing, and I still wish I could dress like that. Now it is the skinny jeans, and punk wear for me.

Even though I listened to that album after so many years, it still made me feel carefree, happy and wanting to have fun. I guess that is what Avril Lavigne was all about back then..or maybe that is just what I think…

So here is a question, which song reminds you of a happy moment, where you felt carefree, happy and just wanting to have fun? You don’t have to answer that, if you don’t want to, it is totally up to you 🙂