What is it? Continued…

The other day, I was reading one of my friends stories and she basically said to continue it if intrigued. So I got intrigued and I wrote my own continuation to that story.

This is the original post, Click Here

She is a very good imaginative writer so definitely check out her blog too. You’ll be amazed!

Well anyway here is my continuation of the story:

He was lying flat, on his back, watching the stars in the open sky.

How he loved these small escapades to the woods! Every necessary thing packed in his backpack – a small tent in case it rained, a sleeping bag and lots of mosquito repellant lotion.

There was no sign of rain, a pleasant breeze was blowing, stirring the leaves of the trees and the grass on which he was lying.

The moon was peeking at him hiding under scanty clouds, he fell asleep….

A strange flash of light woke him up, at first he thought that the moon was coming down on him….

 The more he watched the moon the more he realised that it was moving closer towards him, the pleasant breeze became a ferocious beast clawing its way through everything. Luckily the tent was pinned down otherwise it would have flown up into the sky and danced around the moon which hovered slightly above him.

 Suddenly the moon brightened and became so bright that the young man’s eyes was blinded by pure light shining down onto the grass. He covered his eyes and after a little while removed his left arm from his face that had become his shield.

 “I’ve got to be dreaming…” The young man murmured as he witnessed the sight before him.

In the intense bright light something levitated down the light beam, it looked human. When its feet touched the ground the light disappeared and ceased to exist. The young man looked up at the starry night and noticed that it wasn’t the moon, the moon was up in the sky at a far distance, this was a floating machine that floated in the air shaped like the moon.

 “What the -” the young man looked at the figure that approached him. It was a girl. The most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her light brown hair till her shoulders, her eyes a deep chocolate-brown colour and her lips were deep crimson red and her skin almost pale. She tilted her head slightly to her left and examined the young man standing before her.

 “Greetings. My name is Oceana, I’ve come here to warn you. Your planet is in grave danger.” She said still staring at him. She spoke coldly and without emotion.

 The young man suddenly fainted and her eyes followed him, staring at him with curiosity, her pupils and iris flickered yellow almost looking like a pair of cats eyes and then back to deep chocolate-brown again.

“Humans. Fragile creatures. They fear themselves and are weak species.” She spoke in her cold and emotionless voice….