A New Direction

The last month I have been working on planning my novel. I have been doing this with a friend as we are both trying to motivate each other. When I think of idea’s/scenes/and characters they are very basic ideas with not much thought to extend it further. But when I hear instrumental music or classical music I find that these same idea’s/scenes/ and characters are actually more than just basic. I start to turn those basic ideas into small scenes and it is like watching a movie and those ideas are extended.

So the story I am writing is one that I had started writing a little over a year ago, but never completed as I ended up getting writer’s block. Last month this idea came and hit me again and decided I’m going to change it and take it into a different direction. Before it was a paranormal romance now I’m changing the direction towards friendship. I just feel that every time I try to write a paranormal romance I can never complete it, it is like a strange block. Yet I read the genre a lot. Well anyway the point is that I wanted to try something different.

The music that has been helping me the most is actually “The Dark Knight Rises” movie soundtrack, well to be honest one track which has helped considerably, “No Stone unturned”

Do you find that music helps when it comes to planning a novel or thinking of ideas?

The one thing I really like about Hans Zimmer and his music is that it truly captures you and takes you onto a journey.

This tune, especially during the last couple of days has really helped to fill in the blanks in my planning, and ordering everything around so the story makes sense. So I guess music is a big aid!

If you find that music is a big aid for you as well, what track really helps you? 🙂

Anywhere With You – Chapters 1, 2, & 3

I am back once again and hopefully here to stay for a good while this time. I just had a few things going on that I could not get online to update the blog. But while away I have been a good girl and was working on a new story.

This one I am approaching it in a different way. Every chapter is 200 words, so I guess you could say that I am challenging myself to write a chapter in 200 words. It is supposed to help me to stick to my goal of writing 200 words everyday.

I’ll be uploading 3 chapters every week.

Well I hope you enjoy it, sorry if it is not up to my normal standards. By the way it is sort of a paranormal romance story :), well an attempt at it since I read this genre quite a lot!

Anywhere With You: Chapters 1, 2, & 3

Written by: Manvinder Jagdev

Alexis and Caleb stood at the entrance to the dense forest smiling at each other.

“The last one over the cliff is a rotten egg.” Caleb grinned.

“Whatever, you’re so going to lose!” Alexis said confidently. Alexis and Caleb readied themselves.

“1…2…3…GO!” Caleb shouted. They both ran like the wind.

They were on an even keel, until Alexis pushed herself further and dashed faster. They both leaped over the bluff one after the other.

As they did their bodies morphed into the most beautiful wolves.

They pounced onto the ground and howled at the full moon. They circled each other.

“So, who’s the rotten egg?” Alexis giggled.

“No-one can beat Alexis at challenges.” Caleb sighed.

Even in wolf form they were speaking to each other telepathically.

Caleb’s black beaded eyes seemed lost within her dark-blue eyes. The wind ruffled through their soft and silky fur. Hers was pure white, like snow. His was black with a hint of dark brown.

She sniffed the air around her and started to growl at a south-east direction. The male wolf tensed.

A distant scream for help made her run into that direction leaving the male wolf behind whimpering for his mate’s safety.


The scream resonated through the woodland, and she ran hastily towards her destination. The light breeze blew through her white fur providing more momentum to get there quicker.

She came to a sudden standstill when she reached her target.

The young man’s foot was caught by a bear trap with its sharp claws digging deep within him.

Alexis, in wolf guise, paced cautiously towards him, her intense blue eyes staring directly at him. He was petrified by her presence. He was pleading.

“Please don’t kill me.”

She paused in front of him and changed back into her human physique. She was on all fours. Her long jet-black hair with strands of ginger flowed down over her shoulders.

He watched her with disbelief wondering whether he was dreaming or this was actually happening.

Her hand moved to the bear trap and with ease ripped the trap apart; and threw the pieces into the forest. He was in agony.

She put her finger to her lips trying to shush him and then walked off behind the tree.

The next thing the young man saw was the white wolf gazing straight at him. He was mesmerized.

“Thank you.” He murmured and fainted.


Hey buddy, wake up.”

The young man stirred from his deep slumber.

“Where am I?”

“You’re still in the forest. What happened to you?” His friend asked fairly perplexed.

“My foot…” he flinched as he moved it, “it got caught by a bear trap; while looking for fire wood.” He said.

“We were really distressed about you. We even conducted a search party to find you. However we had no luck.”

“Maybe I went further into the forest than I imagined.” He shook his head and attempted to get up.

“Let me help you there, Issac.” His friend provided a hand, and Issac took it and got up slowly.

“Thanks James.”

“Your welcome buddy.”

Issac limped as he walked and the pain was excruciating than last night.

“I was saved by a wolf woman last night.” Issac blurted out without much thought. James chuckled.

“A wolf woman? I think maybe the weed had some strong side effects on you.” James laughed.

“I’m not joking.” Issac spoke defensively.

As they walked they stumbled onto a vast farm land with a ‘No Trespassing’ sign. Issac instantly froze at the sight before him. He was speechless.

“James…I’m not lying…that’s her…that’s the wolf woman…” 

So what did you think?