Destiny – Short Story

So here is another short story written by me. This is quite a bizarre story, and again quite dark. It isn’t anything to do with vampires though, I guess you could say it is more of a horror story. So anyway I’ll move aside and you can read it. Please do leave feedback as that is why I post my stories on here. And if you want to give suggestions on improvement, that would be great! 🙂

Destiny – A Short Story

Written by: Manvinder Jagdev

It was a dark night. Cold. The bitter wind whispering silently like a ghost’s murmur in a haunted mansion. Along the long stretch of road, the main road, there was only one car driving at 30mph; it seemed the rest of the town was deserted.

The music blared out from the car, echoing through the emptiness that was presented to the young man that drove. His fingers were drumming on the steering wheel to the beat of the music. He had to keep himself amused somehow.

He glanced slightly to his right to the distance in front of him and saw a figure standing on the edge of the road looking in his particular direction. The figure lifted out their hand and hoped for a ride.

Great a hitch-hiker! What to do?” His fingers stopped tapping the steering wheel, he watched the hitch-hiker and noticed that it was a she. Her long locks flowing freely with the biting wind. He drove past, but then stopped, and reversed the car to stop in front of her.

It’s late, it’s dark and she might not be able to find another ride keeping in mind this place is deserted.” He thought to himself.

The girl opened the door and brought a cold draught into the car with her. Her face sore and red by the cold wind. He noted how she smelt of spring, and wet grass.

“So where are you heading?” He asked.

“Thanks for this. I’m actually going to need this lift for quite a while actually. I hope you don’t mind?” She smiled.

“No, it’s fine. Don’t worry about it. So what’s your name?” He asked as he drove off and entered onto the long continuous straight road again.

“My name is Destiny.”

“Seriously? Destiny?”

“Yeah, tell me about it. But I like it, it’s…to a certain extent…different. So what’s your name?” She looked at his general direction.

“My name is Paul.”

“Well it is very nice to meet you, Paul.”

“So what were you doing out here, at such an abandoned place at such a late time?” Paul asked curiously, and glanced over to her for a split second and then put his attention back on the road. He put the heat up as he saw that she was still cold, shivering with the chill still in her bones.

“I came out here to see my uncle. He is a forest type person,” She shyly smiled “And it turned out to be a complete waste of time as he wasn’t home, he had to do a consultation.”

“A consultation? During the middle of the night?” Paul was bewildered by that, first time he had heard of someone doing a consultation during night hours, “So what type of consultation is he doing?”

“Your going to find this strange, but my uncle…he predicts people’s futures.” Destiny watched Paul’s face and saw the wide eyed expression.

“My uncle is a rather popular man…It’s not just him, but I can do that too.” She smiled, but her eyes were serious and a shudder ran down Paul’s spine, the hairs on his back sticking up.

“Really now? So could you predict my future then?” He asked out of curiosity, but he knew she was lying, no one can predict the future unless you are a supernatural being or a witch. Which by the way, none of those exist.

“OK, you will keep on driving down this endless straight road, eventually you will begin to get tired, your eyes will become heavy and soon for a split second end up sleeping behind the wheel, but when your eyes open you will meet your end by crashing into a lorry and a cut tree log will impale through the window and squish you like a pancake.” Her face was solemn, and her dark brown eyes almost seemed black like an endless pit of darkness. Paul took his eyes of the road for another split second and gaped at her, but his eyes were filled with fear. Destiny’s eyes became their normal dark brown again and she suddenly burst into laughter, giggling like a teenager.

“You should have seen your face. You looked almost petrified and pale. Darling I was joking with you.” She continued to laugh. But laughed harder when Paul finally let himself go and laughed too.

“You almost had me there. It sounded so real that it could almost happen!”

“Hey, Paul, you can drop me off right here.” She pointed towards the bus stand.

“That’s a bus stand? Why do you want to wait at the bus stand for, when you know that a bus may never turn up?” He asked rather confused.

“Silly, this is near to where I live. From this bus stop and cutting through the woods will take me directly to my house.” She gave Paul a reassuring smile. As Paul indicated, Destiny leaned closer towards him and gave a peck on his cheek.

“Once again, thanks for the lift. You take care now, Paul. Don’t fall asleep behind the wheel.” She teased as she got out of the car. His gaze followed her, but then decided to drive off.

Destiny stopped walking and turned round abruptly as her eyes stayed on the car, her eyes were intimidating, but then she turned back round and started heading towards the woods fast.

The straight road seemed everlasting, Paul was becoming rather restless and agitated. It felt like it could go on and on and on forever. His eyelids were becoming heavy, the music unable to amuse him any further. The steering wheel was beginning to feel sweaty and slippery with his anxiousness making him perspire. Slowly his eyes began to close, but he shot them wide open again, he even tried to roll down the window and let the icy wind blast him in his face for a while.

He was fine for a little while, until the heaviness returned, threatening to close his eyelids any moment now. Paul began to indicate to pull over, but then his eyes closed unable to fight the sleep that called for him, he was lost for eternity…

A bright light. A dazzling light. It shined so bright that it hurt to keep the eyelids closed. Slowly but surely the eyelids opened, constantly blinking to adjust to the whereabouts. Paul sat up slightly feeling rather dizzy and unaware of his surroundings. His head hurt like someone whacked him around the head with a baseball bat four times. Where he lay was rough, and hot. When he looked down he realised he was lying upon the road, in the middle of the road.

He got up slowly and slouched down, to rub his knee cap which seemed to hurt. There was smoke all around, the sound of a car horn going off continuously without stopping. Scattered cut tree logs which escaped from their safety net and caused chaos instead.

Cut tree logs?” he tried to recall where he had heard those words before. But nothing came to him. He looked into the general direction of the wreckage and recognised the car.

Crap, that’s my car…” Paul staggered over whilst his hand remained on his knee, tightly. As he approached the car, he noticed one of the cut tree logs had gone through the window, and blood was smeared everywhere, on the windscreen and the dashboard and the seats. He slowly put his head through the window slightly and smelled the blood that lingered up his flared nostrils.

No way! This isn’t real…It can’t be!” The young man stepped back gradually, everything went silent. Dead silent.

“What isn’t real?” Paul turned round abruptly and stared at the young woman which stood before him, her long locks flowing freely with the wind.

“This!” he pointed angrily towards his car, tears began to well in the corner of his eyes, “I can’t be dead!” he yelled at her.

“You are dead, Paul!” She smiled proudly. Paul couldn’t register what he was experiencing, it was like he received a bolt from the blue..

“I remember you. I gave you a lift!”

“Well done. Do you remember my name, Paul?”

“No, I don’t…”

“It’s Destiny…”

“Seriously? Destiny?”

“You said that before too.” She smiled again, “You know, I always have visions before I meet people. Hence my name is Destiny. You can’t out run me or fool me. Whoever is fated to meet Destiny, meets Destiny. Full Stop.” She stepped closer to her victim and gave a wicked smile.

“Have you gone mad, completely gone bonkers?” He shouted hysterically.

“Tonight Paul we were fated to meet…” Her features began to change, her eyes were black and filled with evil, sometimes white flowed into her eyes like something floating in them. She opened her mouth and it morphed into something hideous out of a horror movie, her mouth expanded and long sharp knife like teeth presented themselves. Paul cried and staggered backwards. The girl moved quicker than the eye could see and grabbed the young man tight and bit into his flesh ripping it from his throat. Paul gurgled on his blood when he suddenly fell still and a bright white light consumed him.

Paul immediately awoke in a dark room still screaming and begging for his life. It almost seemed that he was gargling on his own blood. A figure sat on the bed, gentle hands placed on the young man’s temples, blood trickling down the sides. The figure was clad in black. The eyes were filled with complete blackness, and inside of them white wispy shadows floated through them. One stayed there, if you looked closely enough it was a face. It was a soul that was trapped in eternal pit of torment. It screamed and mouthed the words, “help me”.

The boy fell silent, dead silent. The figure detached their hands away from his temples, and the pricking mechanism retracted back into their fingers. The figure put the gloves back on and turned to leave the room. The hood fell off, and long locks presented themselves flowing freely. It was Destiny claiming another soul…

So what do you guy’s think? I don’t know what to call Destiny actually. But if you have ever seen the show “Lost Girl” then I suppose you could say she’s a Dark Fae, but if you have seen the show “Fringe” well I guess you kind of know the type of people they get to see everyday.

Well thanks for reading! 🙂