Love is Indestructible & Flashpoint

I bet everyone is confused as to how love is indestructible and how it is related to Flashpoint?

Well continue to read on.

For those of you who do not know of the TV show ‘Flashpoint’ here is a little synopsis of the show. Basically this show is a crime drama which focuses on a tactical team, called the ‘Strategic Response Unit’ (SRU) and they are quite like a SWAT team that steps in when cops cannot handle the situation. This team helps with rescuing hostages, busts gangs, disable bombs and they take on tougher cases. They try to use less lethal options, they try to talk down the subjects that are escalating.

Just to add a little note, this post contains spoilers.

This show has had some very emotional episodes. There were two that really brought tears to my eyes. Now I really do hate crying when watching movies and TV shows, it shows just how emotional I am, but sometimes it is uncontrollable. Now the reason why I love this show is because they contain real life situations and real problems, especially with the SRU team, they all have their issues and problems, which they have to put aside in order to save lives.

The first episode that made me want to cry was about this 16-year-old girl who has a drunken mother and she becomes a target by a gang of local girls that have ties to gangs. The reason she becomes a target is because she filed a report about an attempted rape. While at work the girls show up and they start harassing her, which leads to her accidentally shooting one of the gang members. She is on the run and tries to end her life because she couldn’t take the humiliation anymore. This is where SRU is called in and Jules has the hard task of trying to connect with this 16-year-old and stop her from killing herself.

It was just too sad to watch that at the end I was literally in tears and feeling for this 16-year-old girl. Thank God that my brother did not see me in tears otherwise he would have started laughing at me. Yeah it happened when I watched the movie ‘Armageddon’ and he still teases me about it till this day.

Now here is why I say that love is indestructible, is the second episode that made me cry but, stuck with me for a few days after watching it. Basically this couple have been in a long relationship lasting for 15 years and the woman has an illness that affects her brain. So eventually her brain will shut down and so will ber body. The symptoms that she got in the episode was that she will eventually forget everyone, have slurred speech and have hallucinations. Now she is slowly dying and the guy she is with loves her like mad, that he took her out for dinner (a restaurant that they met) and left without paying, robbed a drug store and gate crashed a wedding party so they could have a last dance at her favourite place.

It also turns out that she wanted him to help her end her life as she didn’t want to live like that, and forget him, she wanted to remember him and the love they had for each other before her brain fully shuts down and she starts forgetting. He agrees. He had stolen enough morphine for 2. He wanted to die with her because he couldn’t live without her, this is a woman he spent 15 years with.  The SRU try to stop this from happening. Eventually the escalated subjects back down and realise they just want to be together, but the kicker is they do get arrested, but the nicest thing was they could spend the last remaining moments together, and they won’t be separated, (obviously thanks to SRU and the awesome Greg Parker).

So from that episode, I realised that love is a very powerful emotion. It can make you feel amazing yet at the same time make you do crazy things for the people you love. After watching that episode, I have never taken anything for granted and made me realise that I should love the people near to me and spend as much time as possible with them. Love doesn’t have to mean relationship between lovers, but love for family and friends also.

One track comes into mind, for both that episode and this brilliant show, and it is a track by ‘Skillet’…what is up with me, I’m liking a lot of ‘Skillet’ these days, well anyway the track is ‘A little more’.

Song of the Day: Will you be There – Skillet

So today’s Song of the Day is:

‘Will you be There’ by ‘Skillet’

As soon as I heard this track, I normally listen to 10 tracks on random , and this track just blew the others out of the window!

Enjoy! 🙂

P.S. If you are looking for the lyrics of this track, as it mentions lyrics, you will have the see the youtube description box on the video!