Song of the Day: Mauja Hi Mauja – Jab We Met

Hi There!

How is everyones weekend so far?

It is the weekend, the time that everyone uses to relax, catch up with friends, go out and visit places, and of course to have fun! So today, I thought I would share one of my feel good tracks.

This particular song is from a bollywood movie called ‘Jab We Met’ and basically it is one of my favourite movies because it is funny and no matter how many times you watch it, you will never get bored of it. Also I’m a big fan of the couple in the movie. They work so well together.

The reason why I chose this particular track for song of the day, is because it makes you want to dance, and be care free and have fun, well that is the case with me. The video I found luckily has English translations on it, so if you like it, you can read the lyrics 🙂

I hope you continue to have a brilliant weekend!

Song of the Day: Understanding – Evanescence

Today’s song of the day is of course another song for the novel that I am currently writing.

Artist: Evanescence

Song: Understanding

This song is mostly for my main character Emma. The two years living as ghost, she doesn’t remember anything, how she died and who her family is; she wonders if anyone misses her.

“You hold the answers deep within your own mind.
Consciously, you’ve forgotten it.
That’s the way the human mind works.
Whenever something is too unpleasant, to shameful for us
to entertain, we reject it.
We erase it from our memories.
But the imprint is always there.”

This quote from the song is definitely for her. Her main task in the story is to figure out what happened and how she ended up where she is now. Who caused her such terrible injustice and took everything from her.

Hope arises when she meets Joshua, he is the only one that can see her and interact with her whilst everyone else thinks he has lost his marbles. He makes it his mission to help her and they become pretty close friends.

The only thing she does remember is the love she felt for Aaron.

Inside the house, she is afraid of the sky blue door that doesn’t open, she becomes edgy whenever she sees it or stands in front of it. Her soul screams to run away. Joshua believes it might just hold all the answers they are looking for.

Emma however is too scared and decides that maybe being a ghost is much better. As you can see even though she has forgotten everything it is imprinted in her mind and is trying to come up to the surface, but she prefers to ignore it.  Joshua on the other hand doesn’t want her to ignore it, he wants her to find out as he believes this is her unfinished business and cannot move on to the other side.

Whatever she finds she won’t be alone, he will be by her side every step of the way…

Song of the Day: You – Breaking Benjamin

Here I am once again, with another song of the day 🙂

Artist: Breaking Benjamin

Song: You

The reason why this song is the song of the day is because it fits one of my characters very well. I might not have mentioned this, but I am doing Camp NaNoWriMo and the story I am working on is the story I started to write when I was in India. I thought this idea could easily be completed in the 50,000 range. So far I have completed around 11,639 words.

This character that I speak off, is a ghost who I named Emma Beckett. She haunts her house and she cannot remember how she died or who is her family. The only person she remembers is her fiance. She has been dead for two years and life continues to move forwards around her and she is stuck in the past or in the middle of not knowing.

She meets a young man who can actually see her and with his help she starts to find answers. Answers that she didn’t want to hear. Everywhere she looks she finds nothing but betrayal.

This song creates a little music video in my mind of Emma’s trials and tribulations to discovering her answers of who murdered her and discovering her families truth.

Song of the Day: Roko Na Mujhe – Sifar

This is going to show a different side of me, I believe, as I tend to hide quite a bit of myself a lot of the time. I’ve only been adding English songs as Song of the Day’s, but I also have another side to me. The side that listens Indian music. The only two people that know that I listen to Indian music is obviously my mum and brother and possibly one friend. So I’ve decided to reveal this side of me, today!

So yesterday I was going through the music I have on my laptop and I realised I didn’t give this Indian rock band much of a listen when I first got hold of the EP; because my brother didn’t like it much. But yesterday while I was working on writing my friends content pages for his website, I truly sat down and really took in the EP.

I must admit that I do like their style! It is quite addictive to listen to especially this one track ‘Roko Na Mujhe’. After hearing it just a few times yesterday I got the lyrics stuck in my head!

I know I can’t speak Hindi, but I understand it. Well the truth is that every time I try and speak it feels like the words are stuck and I stammer a lot and then I give up. When I was India it helped as I was forced to speak to communicate with my relatives.

Well anyway enough of my chatter; I hope you guys enjoy it too! 🙂

Artist: Sifar

Song: Roko Na Mujhe

Oh and if you know any other Indian rock bands share some down here, please. I’ll listen to anything even the heavier stuff! 🙂 Thank you!

Song of The Day: Crazy – Kidney Thieves

The Song of The Day is:

Song: Crazy

Artist: Kidney Thieves

This tune is actually done for the soundtrack to “Bride of Chucky” which was in 1998. I first heard of this artist when I heard another song of theirs from a different soundtrack “Queen of The Damned”.

Well this track is actually a cover to the original which was done by Patsy Cline.

Here is the original too:

So which do you guys prefer? I like both. They both have a different feel to them.

Song of The Day: Is Your Love Strong Enough – How to Destroy Angels

Today’s Song of The Day is:

Song: Is Your Love Strong Enough

Artist: How to Destroy Angels

I watched the movie called ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’ the other day, (it was the american version that I saw, but intrigued to see the original), and this song turned up at the end credits and I instantly fell in love with this track. As soon as the credits finished I searched for the song and now it is stuck in my head!

Sometimes music makes you feel something inside, and this track did just that when I first heard it.

It isn’t a rock tune, but it is a worth listening too.

Hope you enjoy this tune! 🙂

Song of The Day: Watch Over You – Alter Bridge

Today’s Song of The Day is:

Watch Over You by Alter Bridge

When I was listening to a suggestion provided by a friend today, I also found a tune by Alter Bridge known as Wonderful Life, which I enjoyed so much. Then I remembered that the first tune I heard of this band was this song.

At the time of hearing this song, I was writing a story that had a love triangle in it. Basically this song fitted well with the main character and the best friend who loves her. But it turns out she loves someone else. The best friend has always been there for the main character ever since primary school. He was basically her rock and support when things got rough. A part of him wanted to leave but decides against it.

I have to say the singers voice is absolutely amazing.

I hope you enjoy this song!

Song of the Day: Wonderful Life – Hurts

Today’s Song of the Day is ‘Wonderful Life’ by an artist called ‘Hurts’.

For me, this is one of my feel good songs. It fills me up with a strange sense of positivity when I am feeling down or negative because of tough situations that can occur in life.

The song itself might not be all positive but the music just makes you want to get up and let yourself go and just feel the beat.

Whenever I hear this track the words that really stick with me are:

“Don’t let go, never give up, it’s such a wonderful life”

These words always bring me back everytime I feel my will fades. Everytime I feel like giving up this basically reminds me to keep on fighting and never give up.

I hope you guy’s also enjoy this song!

Song of the Day: In Her Remorse – She Remembers You

I do apologise for not updating my blog in about a week and a half, as there was a few personal issues I had to deal with. But I’m back now and with me I have decided to do something really different with the song of the day.

Today’s song of the day is not done by a familiar artist but by a very good friend of mine. He is a very talented young musician who sings, write’s his own music and writes his own songs! The music he creates he creates from his heart and I must say it is truly beautiful.

Before adding this track, I asked his permission and he said yeah. So I wanted to share this with my fellow bloggers 🙂

I hope you do enjoy it!

In Her Remorse – She Remembers You

Just click the link above and you will also get lyrics too.

Song of the Day: Stay Forever – Delain

So I was listening to music on my mobile phone on shuffle and this track came up. This track I have a kind of personal connection too. I mean every time I hear it, it reminds me that, that phase is now over and look onto better things.

So today’s song of the day is:

Stay Forever by Delain

When I first heard this song, I was going through a tough phase in trying to forget someone. It had basically summed up the entire situation and the doomed relationship I was trying to save. Which turned out in the end was not worth saving because it was doomed from the start.

Other than that it is just an amazing song and tune! And the guitar from 2:20 onwards in the track is awesome!!