It’s Alive!

Just a quick message to let everyone know that my new blog (just for writing stories and writing related stuff only) is now set up and ready to be viewed!

The address to the blog is:

or Click Here to go directly there.

After Christmas I shall put some more content up, and as promised I will finish off the Here With Me story also on this blog, but please do be patient on the story front as at the moment I’m currently experiencing a mental block, but I am rereading what I previously done and hoping to continue where I left off in the story.

But yeah, hope to see you guys there and here! 🙂

Status Update

Hi my dear bloggers!

How are you guys?

I know I haven’t been updating my blog since 12th April, but I have been working hard while away. This is just a little note to say that the latest chapter in the What is it? story is just being rewritten and edited. Once it has been edited I’ll upload it.

Also a new story is on the way.

I’m still working on my Camp NaNo story as well.

Sorry for being away for so long!