Thinking of you when you’re gone

Has anyone here ever seen the show Leverage? A few days ago, my friend showed me a video where one of the characters named ‘Elliot’ actually sings on the show as part of a con.

It turns out that he is actually a songwriter, singer and musician too.

I really love this one track called ‘Thinking Of You’ and the lyrics and the music is stuck in my head. I had never listened to country music before but this just makes me love it, because his voice is just good and when music is good, you get goose bumps!

I was also listening to Avril lavigne ‘When You’re Gone’ and I thought there is a common theme between the two songs. Both songs seem to be about missing someone. One song talks about someone walking out on them and thinking of them whilst the other song is actually about  missing someone.

What do you think?

I’ve just realized what I did with the title of this post. I think it has a good ring to it 🙂